Album Press Release, Space Electric 2020

Space Electric just released their new debut album (1st of October 2020) ‘The Great Attractor’ released on our own record label Waves Productions and Orchard/IndigoBoom.

The Great Attractor is the mass of a trillion suns drawing galaxies towards it. The force increases in intensity and pulls the earth towards an unknown fate. Space Electric inhabits this parallel universe with its electromagnetic rock. Do you believe in a multiverse? Do you believe in dark energy? Do you believe in free will? Or do you believe in nothing?

Homepage and Album link: Space Electric homepage The band recently finished recording the album ´The Great Attractor´ in Barcelona, produced, mixed and mastered by Alejandro Ortiz (producer), Andrés Pérez (co-producer) and Miquel Mestres (assistant engineer) of Angel Sound Studio. The album feature vocalist Bjørnar Mikkelsen’s powerful voice singing of philosophical struggle over apocalyptic guitars, spacey Moog synthesizers, groovy bass riffing and thunderous drums.
Space Electric has released several videoes to the album and has a major radio promotion on iPlugger.

Please feel free to visit or download material from their homepage, electronic press kit (EPK) or other platforms below. Stay Tuned.

Contact Info.
Kristian Kruse (Chris Cruzin), +47 92656283
Space Electric: Homepage, Youtube, EPK, Facebook, Spotify, iPlugger, Reverbnation, Bandcamp