JI Bout-It Delivers His Unique Single “Stop Kappin”

SUMMARY: Having always drawn his inspiration from life experiences and straying from the herd, hip hop producer JI Bout-it uses an unorthodox approach to create his music. Having worked all over the world with a high volume of different types of artists, Bout-it has a wide bucket of influences and sounds to draw from, each showing up in his latest single “Stop Kappin”.

No matter what producer and record executive JI Bout-It does, it seems like he is always bringing forth an original sound. Having worked with countless musicians all over the world, he says that even when he tries to meld his music to fit his surroundings, that something about it always makes it sound different. Now an executive at Paperchase Muzik LLC, JI Bout-It has the creative influence needed to share his unique music with the world.

Released on April 20, 2021, his latest track “Stop Kappin” is exactly what it sounds like; a call to stop the violence that we are seeing more and more in our daily lives. Using a wide array of textured beats and up-tempo delivery, he allows listeners to connect with a deeper understanding of a topic that is unfortunately heavily entrenched in the hip hop industry. The end result is an edgy, yet honest song highlighting the complex issues that impact all areas of our lives whether one realize it or not.

Recorded using Pro Tools in a home studio, “Stop Kappin” is a testament to the unique ability that artists have to create the music they want independent of corporate control. Paperchase Muzik LLC hosts an array of artists. This includes Rah Dizzy, Oppa Choppa, T-roy, MoneyMakingBo, Alex B, T-House, Blakk Ise, and other artists that you are just starting to hear about, or with an ear to the hip hop and rap underground, you will soon. Working with and over these artists has given JI Bout-It a truly unique insight, into the artists and culture surrounding underground hip hop.

Available for purchase on digital music platforms, “Stop Kappin” is the second hit single for JI Bout-It under his current moniker, building upon the success of his single “4 Zones” featuring rapper P-dub of Paperchase outfit GME. In the near future, JI Bout-It hopes to promote the countless amazing talents on his label as well as decide whether or not to enter a record deal of his own. For more information on JI Bout-It and his unique insight of some of the hottest hip hop ready to be discovered, check out www.paperchasemuzik.com.