Multi-Award Winning, Electro-Pop Artist Ghoste Releases Animated Music Video For “Little Star”

The recognition is coming in for singer-songwriter GHOSTE’s (Jenny Bruce) animated music video, “Little Star.” The video was a finalist in the London International Music Video Awards on February 28, 2021 and is selected for the upcoming Toronto Short Film Festival on March 22, 2021!

Conceived and created solely by the artist’s 13-year-old son, Theodore Adnet-Bruce, this video is an expression of self-reflection and an affirmation that we all have the innate ability to overcome adversity and shine. “Little Star” is the 10th track on GHOSTE’s 10/30/20 released, self-titled album, produced by Matt Anthony (Darius Rucker, Shinedown, Pat Monahan of Train).

While coping with ADHD, anxiety, and depression, the artist’s young son used the making of this video as a way  to address his inner battle. When asked about the inspiration behind his creation, Theodore said “These past few years have been really difficult. For lots of reasons, I kept feeling like I was failing in everything and I didn’t feel good about myself. It got really, really dark. I love this song my mom wrote. It makes me feel hopeful.”

The video portrays a boy flying through the universe, at first battered and helpless, eventually realizing his ability to shine brightly. Jenny says, “Clearly, my son identified with the message of “Little Star.” Our strength and resilience is often forged through adversity. I’m deeply proud of my son, not only for his talent, but also for the hard work he’s doing every day to heal and share his message of hope. Theodore raised over $1000 for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline through social media.”

Vents Magazine calls the video “mesmerizing” and “a beautiful piece of art.” Catch the “Little Star” video on the GHOSTE YouTube Channel.


True to her self-proclaimed emotionally intense Scorpio-self, singer-songwriter, Jenny Bruce, rises like a Phoenix, reborn musically as electro-pop artist, GHOSTE. Diving fearlessly into the darker emotions of the human psyche, GHOSTE alluringly transforms struggle into shimmering hope, faithful to her favorite expression, per aspera ad astra (through hardship to the stars).

GHOSTE is the ethereal electro-pop musical chimera of award-winning singer-songwriter, Jenny Bruce, and Producer/Composer, Matt Anthony. Immersed in the complex layers of midlife adulting, Bruce had been haunted by a painful memory of her mother telling her repeatedly that, “At 50, you become invisible. Nobody sees you or listens to you anymore.” Determined to prove the opposite, Bruce decided that being invisible is a choice. Being silent is a choice. She called Anthony and together, they planned the concept for what would become her debut album as GHOSTE. Bruce says about GHOSTE, “The E is silent. I am not.”

As a pop-folk singer/songwriter, Bruce released four independent albums and won many songwriting awards (Billboard, ISC, John Lennon and dozens more). Bruce has opened for many talented musicians such as Avril Lavigne, Sophie B. Hawkins, and Gavin Degraw, among others. Her songs have been heard on Dawson’s Creek, Ghost Whisperer, The Today Show, King of the Hill, All My Children, Jake 2.0, Children’s Hospital and in several independent films.

Today, Bruce wears many hats: Singer/Songwriter, Admissions and Communications Director of a school, mother of two growing boys, a graduate student at Columbia (nearly done!), and a sometimes Wife.

“A gem of multilayered emotion brimming with melancholy, passion, imagery, longing, and self-confidence.” (IndiePulse).

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