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R&B/Hip Hop Singer, Songwriter And Multi-Instrumentalist D’Breeon Shares Two Years Of Songwriting On Album ‘Rose Colored Lenses’

SUMMARY: Described as an R&B album with pop jazz sax, the latest album from D’Breeon titled “Rose Colored Lenses” is what he considers the 12 best tracks from his collection of more than 40 songs written over the past two years. An R&B and hip hop crossover album, “Rose Colored Lenses” features a wide variety of soothing instrumentals interlaced with intelligent lyrical content. For many, it is a much-needed reprieve from a vein of music that has fallen into predictable patterns.

Known by many as a Los Angeles indie artist extraordinaire, D’Breeon has been playing music ever since he could stand. He started playing the piano and saxophone at six years old. The son of a concert pianist, in college he studied under renowned bassist Richard Davis while also composing his own music with his band “The Dans”. After performing extensively at venues near the University of Wisconsin, he was noticed by Prince for being that singing saxophonist. Later NBC news would interview D’BREEON as he donated 100% of the royalties from the single “Do You” to the Leukemia Foundation via “TheMadScene” record company. Subsequently D’Breeon was invited up to Paisley Park to record his new single, “Call Her”. D’BREEON returned to UW-Madison and graduated as an electrical and computer engineer and began working as a sound producer and engineer. [Read more…]

Music Enthusiast Joe Blessett Brings His Unique Perspective To Songwriting On New Album Titled ‘678A011’!

SUMMARY: There is something very visceral about the way songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joe Blessett records his music. A collection of a litany of life experiences, each song flows from one to the next, illustrating a piece of his life and a glimpse into his innermost thoughts. The unique collection of tracks found on “678AO11” is a landscape of jazz and R&B finely tuned and a musical journey worth noting.

In order to fully appreciate the range and sincerity of “678AO11”, one must delve into the mind and musical history of Blessett. An imaginative songwriter, his creativity stems from his travels and experience as a musician that understands his own strengths and limitations. Having traveled Asia, a lot of his music revolves around seeking the truth and the creative process. Blessett has made it clear that he wants listeners to feel the music on a deep and meaningful level, not just listen to it. [Read more…]

Wayne Olivieri Highlights The Rigors Of Everyday People On New Album ‘Eclectic Mind’

SUMMARY: Complex and brilliantly engineered, the latest album from rock veteran Wayne Olivieri titled “Eclectic Mind” has a unique musical profile. Its structure is reflective of its complex content, songs that delve deep into the psyche of human emotion, touching on everything from God, hard times, happiness, and other topics. Designed to evoke emotion, be it positive or negative, “Eclectic Mind” is an exercise in understanding what it is to truly feel.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Wayne Olivieri has always had an affinity for music. Like many great vocalists, he sang in his church choir, who performed every Sunday. Olivieri started his first band in the 8th grade. As a young talented vocalist and songwriter, by age 17, he played in an all original band which he started with high School pal Gar Francis Rockids (which he was the frontman). They performed alongside unsigned young acts such as Talking Heads, The Ramones, and Blondie to name a few. The Rockids became a regular name on the marques of some of the hottest New York clubs ranging from CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City, The Village Gate and many more. The Rockids went on to become one of the top drawing bands in the N.Y/N.J/CT club/concert scene often opening for national acts such as Aerosmith, Roger Mcquin, Twisted Sister and other great bands. [Read more…]

Shahar Hillel, Artist, Singer And Songwriter Started Writing Early

As a singer and songwriter, artist Shahar Hillel preformed thru out Southern California and gained momentum. Access T.V. shows, cable shows and radio shows were on his agenda.

Performing wherever he could, at one point he was the producer of his own show. The first album release came at the end of 2001. The album was featured as part of an experiment that was made in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, trying to broadcast to remote areas of those countries. One of the songs on the albums even reached number 1 on the Australian Indie Charts, on a net radio station named Ison. [Read more…]

Driven By A Deep Message, New Album ‘Where Am I’ Offers A Diverse Array Of Genres, From Solo Artist Colacoaster!

SUMMARY: Guitarist and songwriter Colacoaster draws his influence from a diverse collection of musicians ranging from Sonic Youth to Depeche mode. The end result of the brilliant amalgam of artists that make up Colacoaster’s musical tastes, is difficult to pin down. With a brilliant combination of sound, the influences seem to go beyond that which is the very sum of its parts.

Solo artist Colacoaster began his musical career as a guitar player heavily influenced by British pop bands such as the Smiths, The Cure, and Tindersticks. This is what formed the backbone of his sound, as did his love for more progressive artists including Sonic Youth, Depeche Mode, and Soft Cell. He brought these influences into his first recorded album. This was during the time he spent as the lead guitar player for an Austrian band called Edible Skier. [Read more…]

Tricky G. Washington Creates R&B, Soul, and Jazz Infused Music While Expressing Life’s Rigors And Perseverance

SUMMARY: The rich sound of Tricky G. Washington’s music can largely be attributed to his coming from a musical family as well as his willingness to learn all he can about his craft. A jazz enthusiast, his music is reminiscent of classic greats, and also incorporates modern synth beats and electronic elements to create a textured orchestra of sound. Combine this with intelligent lyrics and wordsmithing, and what you get is his latest album, “Sunsation”, a personal introspective album that is deep, thoughtful and very relatable.

Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Tricky G. Washington grew up playing any instrument he could get his hands on. The son of a guitarist who played for the local church, Washington began plunking around on his father’s guitar at age 4, before studying music theory at age 5. It was here that he learned to play a variety of acoustic instruments including congas, chimes, and other percussion instruments as well as alto saxophone. At age 17, he picked up his brother’s bass and had his brother teach him the basics before his brother tragically passed. [Read more…]

Ray Apollo Allen Releases His Latest Single ‘It’s A Party (Block Party)’, A Catchy, Soulful Jaunt In Memphis Soul

SUMMARY: Veteran of the soul music genre Ray Apollo Allen has been a main stay in the doo wop scene for more than 30 years, and now brings you the latest in his catalog, the upbeat, dance inspiring track “It’s a Party (Block Party)”. A modern soul and R&B track infused with the sounds of past decades, Apollo has beautifully combined the soulful style of years past with the R&B faculties of today to create a song that is worthy of adding to his long resume of successful work.

A member of the Apollo Brothers for 20 years and The Orioles for 9 years, Ray Apollo Allen has shared the stage with some of the most influential acts in R&B, soul, and doo wop ever. Now pursuing a solo career, Allen recently released his latest track titled “It’s A Party (Block Party), an infectious, uplifting tune reminiscent of some of the greats including the Eisley Brothers, Supremes, Smoky Robinson, and many more. [Read more…]

Capturing A Rich Atmosphere Of Cultural Diversity, This Sensual, Multi-lingual World Jazz Album, With Songs In French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, Guarantees To Carry You Along On An Emotional Journey.

“Whenever I meet a new song, I fall madly in love with it. I think, why haven’t I met you before? – Frances Livings

The multi-lingual world-jazz album Ipanema Lounge, produced by the artist Frances Livings in collaboration with the composer, arranger and guitarist Greg Porée for Moontraxx Records Los Angeles, captures a rich atmosphere of cultural diversity.

As a vocalist and a songwriter, Frances Livings has always been drawn to the unique crafting of a song, to its rhythm, melody, texture, linguistics and story. Frances discovered early in her career that you don’t have to be a native of any country to become attached to its culture. Another source of inspiration were her travels, like extensive stays in Southern Europe, and from having lived and worked in the multi-ethnic melting pot Los Angeles for the last decade. Bringing to this album even more than her deep love of these cultures, she choose a foreign language repertoire. She selected songs written by artists native to countries such as France, Mexico and Peru, whose tunes with their unique phonetical sounds evoke a very classy and lush atmosphere. [Read more…]

Rhett May’s ‘Creatures Of The Night’ Album Challenges The Current Landscape Of The Rock Music Genre

SUMMARY: Heavily influenced by seminal rock groups such as the Beatles, the music of singer/songwriter Rhett May is a labor of love. He has brought his unique blend of Eastern and Western music to the mainstream rock genre and conveying a message of peace and cultural equality. One of the many projects May has in the works, including a book of his over 200 written poems and another full-length LP to be released later, Creatures of the Night is a collection of 13 diverse tracks that feature May’s proficiency on vocals, sitar, and guitar.
Much the the style of Rhett May’s music can be attributed to his upbringing. Born in Calcutta in 1950, May became part of a diverse music scene consisting primarily of Carnatic and Hindustani music that heavily feature the sitar and tabla. In addition to the native music styles of the country, the proliferation of Western music across the globe began to take hold and May was exposed to the music of rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Monkees, and The Beatles.

At age 15, May formed his fist band, The Wooly Bullys, who won Battle of the Bands in 1966. After performing at notable venues of the time such as the Park Hotel, Trincas, and Mocambo’s the Bullys evolved into the Flint Stones, who became one of the most successful pop groups in India. They were featured in a number of music publications, and known for their hit single “Be Mine”, which attracted the attention of legendary Beatles guitarist George Harrison and Apple Records.

[Read more…]

Hardcore Rap Artist Page1 Gives Listeners An Honest Perspective On Growing Up In Detroit On His New Single “Light It Up”!

SUMMARY: Part of what he considers a dying breed in the world of hip hop, CEO, producer, writer, and rapper Page1 captures true-life stories from the hood with a unique Midwest voice. Always writing from experience Page1 sets himself apart from others, studying his peers in order to make sure that his style and content are unlike any other.

albumcoverimageA prominent name in the music recording industry of Detroit since 1998, Detroit rapper Page1 has been entrenched in the city’s underground hip hop scene for nearly two decades. A native of Detroit, he has crafted a way to create divergent rap, or as he calls it “real life stories with a Midwest sound”. In 2007, he released his first full-length album titled True Hood Stories, a collection of 17 tracks based on growing up in Detroit. http://www.twitter.com/therealpage1 [Read more…]

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