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The Indie Spotify Bible Features 3,000+ Spotify Playlists That Can Expose Artists To New Listeners And Help Grow Fan Bases

SUMMARY: David Wimble has been publishing music directories for more than 21 years. A prominent face in the DIY music scene, his work has connected artists with playlist curators and helped many talents be discovered by listeners and producers alike. The Indie Spotify Bible provides artists with detailed contact information for thousands of Spotify playlists sorted by genre.

Spotify is one of the largest growing online music markets in the world and one of the best ways for listeners to find new music. For over 20 years, David Wimble has been creating directories to help artists connect with music industry and take advantage of the growing online music market. Available in e-book PDF format, The Indie Spotify Bible has contact information for more than 3,000 Spotify playlists that [Read more…]

New Album, A World of Madness, Represents An Artistic Leap

SUMMARY: An expression of what we all feel, the music of madness is rooted in hip hop and R&B culture and touches on complex ideas about life, love and humanity. Released on May 14, 2019 his latest album A World of Madness features intelligent lyrics over soulful beats and gives listeners a glimpse about what it is to be an artist in times of great racial and economic division.

Rapper MADNESS describes his music as an extension of his soul, a basic understanding of art through his unique worldview. His lyrics provide listeners with a profound outlook into what it means to live and accept the highs and lows that life offers. His rhythmic beats and poetic writing touch on abstract ideas while keeping the music in the realm of reality, allowing listeners to truly connect with the music on an intimate level. [Read more…]

Singer/Songwriter Sincere LaSound Releases Premiere Single, “A Goddess She Is”

Atlanta singer-songwriter, Sincere LaSound, has released a powerful R&B single, “A Goddess She Is.” The track that was released on July 10, 2019, has a powerful rhythm and win at the Women’s World Cup and the #MeToo movement, as well as the multiple men who have found themselves being called out for their behavior, today is the perfect time for this reminder that every woman is a goddess.

Sincere LaSound believes as Tupac Shakur did: “Time to heal our women, be real to our women.”

Sincere LaSound

“Sincere LaSound writes songs and sings with raw talent that is both tantalizing and heart-felt. As someone who has been been learning about music and performance from an early age, he delivers a message to his listeners with experience with his passionate lyrics. He is an R&B and Pop artist to keep a close watch on for sure.” – Terrance Schemansky, 3000 Records [Read more…]

The Most Interesting Man In The World – Fuller French – Serves Luxury And Romance In EP Champagne Rendezvous Out May 31!

Mr. Debonair himself, Fuller French announces his album, “Champagne Rendezvous” releasing to all major streaming services May 31st. Yes, the world’s most interesting man — the man who has written piano concertos on the ukulele — has graced us with a full album of romantic adult contemporary piano playing and crooning. With songs like the titled “Champagne Rendezvous” featuring an intimate french conversation and “Leave a Key by the Door” with a more country boot-kicking vibe, listeners across a plethora of genres will be entranced by the incredible music and purely masculine voice of Fuller French. Elusive and mysterious, he is considered by fans an enigma. While in the day-to-day, French splits his time between the global markets of big business boss moves, he has used his moments of freedom to carve out a music career that relates the depth of man’s soul.

French, who has a long history of creating yet-unpublicized multi-genre hits, only released his first album ‘Something Wonderful’ last year with a [Read more…]

Through Self Expression, Aliché Provides Listeners With Complex Songs Layered With Meaning

SUMMARY: A relatively new face in the experimental R&B scene, Aliché has always used music as a way to express herself and derive a deeper meaning from life. Her debut album “Exx” will be released on May 31st and is a collection of visceral love songs inspired by many R&B greats. The album will feature her infectious dance single “Cleopatra”.

Growing up listening to a wide berth of musical genres, singer/songwriter Aliché fell in love with the R&B genre at a young age. As a practically born writer, she learned to sing as a child while listening to the greats, and recorded many of her thoughts in a personal journal. It was this combination of intimate thought collection and musical education that led her to [Read more…]

With An Eclectic Blend Of Genres, Jerome Taylor’s Latest Album Titled “Space Is The Place” Is Ready To Blast Off!

SUMMARY: Rather than emulating trends in the mainstream music industry, Jerome Taylor has always tried to capture a feeling when crafting his music. Each song represents a feeling rather than a genre, which allows Taylor to experiment with a variety of genres and create a sound that is truly unique. His talents are brilliantly reflected in his latest release “Space is the Place”, a collection of trippy and modern songs that truly transcend genres.

Jerome Taylor’s music has always been about blurring the genre lines and capturing a mood instead of a particular sound. He has expressed the tendency to develop a melody before constructing additional components of his songs, which allows him to experiment heavily and incorporate more variety into his music. The end result is sort of an electronic R&B that uses unique beats, audio samples and complex melodies to create music that is truly immersive.

The honesty of Taylor’s music comes through beautifully through each track on Space is the Place, a truly remarkable example of an artist that is not afraid to be himself and craft meaningful songs. Featuring a number of different arrangements including string, electronic, and traditional blues, “Space is the Place” is [Read more…]

“Undisputable is He”, A New Album By The Mighty Men Of Faith Set For Release On March 26, 2019

N2L Records announced today that the Mighty Men of Faith from the San Francisco Bay Area are releasing a new album titled “Undisputable Is He”. The album attests to the undeniable truth that God is “Lord of Lords”, and that he has our back “Everywhere”. According to executives at N2L records, the album of thirteen songs contains a combination of Gospel and Christian songs that will encourage and boost the spirit of listeners.

Mighty Men Of Faith

Steve Eaton wrote two of the songs, “That’s What God Did for Me” and “Everywhere”. Steve has written songs for The Carpenters, Art Garfunkel, and Lee Greenwood. He said, “I tried to be very honest with myself when writing” ‘Everywhere’ and ‘That’s What He Did for Me’.” My knowledge of theology and religion is minimal…. so, I wrote about what I know most about sin! I wrote these songs through the [Read more…]

Justice System Releases New Hip Hop And Rap Album Titled Basement Tapes

The lush soundscape of Justice System’s new album, Basement Tapes, is the product of a beautiful tension.  It is the tension that arises when eight NY hip-hop heads who grew up together blend 70’s soul music recording techniques, jazz quintet instrumentation, and programmed and chopped up beats to stretch the sound of hip-hop beyond conventional limits.

On tracks like “Bring the Justice” and “Where We’re From”, the caustic rhymes of Jahbaz, Folex, and Sugadeezil go head-to-head with Mo Betta Al’s searing horn lines and synth stabs, all against the atmospheric rumble of Coz Boogie’s bass and Eric G.’s beats.  Just as the underlying tension is about to peak, the songs transition to fulsome bridge arrangements and spirited choruses.  These transitions provide an emotional release for the energy that surges throughout the album.

The album’s first single, “Bronxian Bauxite” showcases the crew’s storytelling prowess over a classic NY Boom-Bap track [Read more…]

Larry Legend A.K.A. Switcha Prepares To Launch “Sing Again Dream Again”!

SUMMARY: Recording Artist Larry Legend, also known as Switcha has been using his talents in the music field. Recently, he began working on something new and special. He is putting together a show titled “Sing Again Dream Again”.

Developing his own style and unique voice while focusing on the genres of Hip Hop and R&B, Larry Legend a.k.a. Switcha, has gained a nice following. Through to social media and touring, he has worked hard to connect with music fans worldwide. He has shared the highs and lows on his journey through his lyrics, and music.

Switcha also developed his skills as a music producer. This has allowed him even more room to express himself independently as a recording artist. He also set up his own home recording studio where he is able to express himself through his music.

Originally drawing inspiration from the movie “Hustle And Flow”, Switcha has reached a point in his career where he is not only [Read more…]

Pickleback Shine Releases New Single Titled “Count on That”!

SUMMARY: Blending and bending the embodiments of country and southern rock, Pickleback Shine provides listeners with an exceptional musical experience that has been carefully crafted over the past 8 years. Based in Southern California, this emerging country band and their distinctive vibe has something for listeners of all ages and musical tastes. Their brand-new single “Count on That” represents a sound uniquely theirs and illustrates a band that is willing to deviate from the norm while still maintaining their country/southern rock roots.

Based in Southern California, Pickleback Shine has been evolving their music since forming in 2010. The band is fronted by talented Louisiana native Justin Boudreax, whose Southern drawl is the perfect complement to the wide range of what is considered today’s top 40 country rock. His unique singing style is passionate and straight forward and is further enhanced by co-lead singer Hilary Seleb’s sultry harmonies as well as the smoky vocal tones of vocalist/guitarist Jason Soderlund.

“Count on That” was written to compliment “When the Morning Comes”, both tributes to the Route 91 tragedy [Read more…]

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