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New Single “Who Are You” By JoeyNiles Is A Metal Single With A Hint Of Vintage Rock!

SUMMARY: Dedicated to giving listeners music that is delivered with heartfelt honesty, artist/songwriter JoeyNiles is not afraid to express his views with the confidence in his creative ability. His new album “Who Are You” is his strongest release to date and represents his evolution as an individual songwriter. As his own worst critic, he makes himself available to his listeners who may agree or disagree without fear.

With a release date of September 30, 2021, “Who Are You” is the latest work of songwriter/artist JoeyNiles, who has been recording his own brand of rock music that includes elements of soul, rock, and a touch of heavy metal. Not afraid to put out the music he believes reflects his honest thoughts and opinion, the result of the single is one that hits a variety of Niles’ strong points as well as what he admits is part of [Read more…]

Tulsa’s 3Mind Blight Releases His Boldly Poignant And Deeply Personal Hard-Rock Single

Openly proclaiming a state of lostness, the new single ‘Can’t You See’ by 3Mind Blight adopts a heavy metal presence with hypnotic guitars and the raw crash of a contemporary drum-line. With this, the unmistakable voice of 3Mind Blight pours through, promising equal parts intimacy and outright intensity -‘Sometimes I feel like I’m someone else, with no way to be me…’.

From contemplative verses to the sheer power and scream of the hook, ‘Can’t You See’ calls out for understanding, for some kind of confession or even retribution in the face of suffering at the hand of another.

The hook is simple, striking, and unforgettable – ‘Can’t you see all that you’ve done to me?’ roars [Read more…]

Shiny Glide’s Latest Album Is A Testament To The Importance Of Positivity, Love, And Inspiration During Difficult Times

Recording artist, poet, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Shiny Glide describes music as his shield and his salvation. While providing to others what he believes to be the universal language of the world, he strives to to uplift them and bring joy into their lives through music. Originally from Italy, Shiny Glide uses his deep connection to the world and his unwavering commitment to honesty to create music that truly resonates with his listeners. His latest album titled “I’m Still A Seagull” represents Shiny Glide’s most adult sounding album yet and is the perfect illustration of an artist who records with both truth and passion.

Having traveled the world, Shiny Glide uses his influences to create his unique brand of psychedelic rock with hints of blues, folk, rock from a variety of different eras. Driven by [Read more…]

Farrah Mechael Delivers Timeless New Single “Gravity” Before Debut Album

Slow things down this summer with the new record “Gravity” by Farrah Mechael, available now on all platforms. Imagine yourself as a kid again while listening; having as much fun as you possibly can while doing the things you love. For Farrah Mechael, singing was the most fun she could have possibly had as a child. She wrote and recorded “Gravity” with such astonishing passion at the ripe age of just 14 years old, along with her younger sister, songwriter Tamara Mechael.

“Gravity” transcends the limits of today’s music. Farrah, originally an opera singer, layers different operatic melodies underneath the chorus, creating a choir of her own voice. The lyrics, in summary, are about wanting to be free and needing to escape. Its ethereal sounds and vibrations take you to a different dimension, where the stresses of life cease to exist. Although the song was written almost [Read more…]

New christopher ANTON Album, Genesis of Sound II, Available Sept. 17th

International synthpop artist christopher ANTON announces Genesis of Sound II. The new fully remastered singles collection is slated for release on September 17th. Genesis of Sound II will be available in digital and physical CD formats at bandcamp.com and other online retailers. Presales of Genesis of Sound II will begin on July 30th at: christopheranton.us

Genesis of Sound II includes classic Anton tracks, and cover songs, including Blinding Lights (The Weeknd), Send Me an Angel (Real Life), and Circles (Post Malone). Anton has teamed up with producer and songwriter Nick Tutone of The Voice and the Snake, as well as songwriters Richard Broadhead of Mesh, and Peter Rainman of People Theatre, with remixes by Ricardo Autobahn, RE:Active, and Skyler D. White (Scyia) for the release. All tracks have been remastered for [Read more…]

Farrah Mechael Delivers Pop Music Culture With Her New Single

Rising pop artist Farrah Mechael is welcoming you to her version of paradise in her second song release of the summer, “Welcome to Forever.” The single precedes her album “Welcome to Forever” which represents the singer’s dream in life: to change the world with her music.

Written by her 20-year-old sister Tamara, “Welcome to Forever” is an ode to dreamers everywhere. The growing pop star put all her energy into “Welcome to Forever” so listeners could tap into her artistry through music. Farrah’s intense vocal range and layering techniques will leave you feeling powerful and free.

Before coronavirus, a BudLight-sponsored Farrah Mechael performed at [Read more…]

Recording Artist Madi Simmons Encompasses A Lush Landscape Of Reggae, R&B, And Motown Blues On His Latest Album

SUMMARY: Singer/songwriter and Recording Artist Madi Simmons has long been a familiar face in the realm of independent soul and reggae. Having been on the road for 30+ years, he has been spreading his message of faith and love through his finely tuned brand of reggae, soul, and R&B. His latest album “My Love is Real” comprises some of his most complex tracks yet, while holding true to an old school sound reminiscent of retro blues and soul.

Featuring a wide range of vocal talents and the ability to blend a variety of different genres, Madi Simmons has cultivated a vast catalog of unique reggae and soul music. From humble beginnings as a composer, Simmons has been on the road sharing his story of his musical journey for more than 30 years. Having released a number of albums highlighting [Read more…]

Independent Musicians Unite Through Music Promotion Project For Reaching Music Industry And Fans Worldwide

SUMMARY: Promoter Box 32 has been released featuring recording artists Phillip Grauss, Vince Tomas, Jay B., and Sevens Muzik ft. Rudis. The album is available free for promotional purposes to music fans to discover new music.

Promoter Box is a unique project organized by 3000 Records offering music free for promotional purposes. Each sampler album can be downloaded with one click as an AlbumZip. There’s no registration or credit card information required. Promoter Box Vol. 32, is available now at http://32.sampleralbum.com

This music promotion project was designed for people looking for [Read more…]

Songwriter And Producer Adam John Releases Official Mixtape Titled “Run From Love”

The songwriter and producer of RnB and Trap Soul music known as Adam John has released his latest official mixtape, “Run from Love.” It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry with 7 official music videos directed by Mikey_2_Clipz with the DS_Creatives production team. Chill, mellow, and bearing a smooth, contemporary suavity, “Run from Love” introduces Adam John as one of the most intriguing RnB artists of Q4 2020.

Adam John cites as main artistic influences Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and Chris Brown. With an emphasis on subtle beats, flowing groove, and plenty of romantic tension, “Run from Love” by Adam John has a little something for everybody.

Asked to describe the overall theme [Read more…]

Hip-Hop Artist, Designer and Influencer Warchyld Creates And Donates Memorabilia Bat In The Name Of Late Hip-Hop Icon Nipsey Hussle

Independent Hip-Hop artist and entrepreneur Warchyld has produced a custom barbwire baseball bat in loving memory of Nipsey Hussle. Warchyld’s clothing line “Wardrobe” produces one-of-a-kind artifacts like this item, so there will never be a duplicate.

Warchyld gifted the exclusive piece to J Bettis 420 of G Unit, as a special token of the community’s great loss of the legendary artist. The unboxing can be captured here: https://youtu.be/G4tyjVJCxl4

More Info.
To understand the less-traveled road that Warchyld took for his career to currently stand at best shape ever status is to recognize that the Philadelphia-bred MC is a rarity [Read more…]

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