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Legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer Spins Bree For Elvis/Bowie Birthday Broadcast

Legendary rock disc jockey Rodney Bingenheimer selected two BREE songs for his Elvis/Bowie Birthday Bash on Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show (SiriusXM and Dash Satellite).

Rodney’s January 5th broadcast featured BREE originals “Damn, I’m Being Me Again” and “18” from her 2019 ten-song album “New Skin” (Werewolf Tunes).

“Rodney is one of the greatest DJs in rock and was among the first to break bands, who had a huge impact on me like the Ramones and Cheap Trick,” said BREE, “and David Bowie, especially when he was with guitarist Mick Ronson, is one of my biggest musical influences.”

More BREE: It’s not often you come across [Read more…]

New Solo Piano Album “River Path” By Neoclassical Artist Olivia Belli Is Making Waves

With over nine million streams and counting, Olivia Belli is one of the most promising Italian pianist and composer in music today. Her debut full album “Where Night Never Comes” was released in October 2018, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The album was also chosen as “Project We Love” on Kickstarter. It found great success atop the Modern Classical Chart on ReverbNation, and was awarded the 2018 SoloPiano.com‘s Best Album Overall.

Now Olivia Belli, after working on several special projects published during this year, is coming back to her primary instrument. She’s taking things up a notch by releasing a new album with 12 original solo piano songs: River Path celebrates and elevates what Olivia Belli did with her past releases by showcasing a new side, and a new [Read more…]

Mick Southerland Is Making Us Fall In Love With “Undercover Lover”

It’s been a sort of nonstop ride for Mick Southerland and his music. Playing in various bands over the past 20 years in and around Austin, being part of a duo that’s no more, and then finally stepping out on his own with his 2019 EP, A Night Divine. In our back and forth we talked about all of that and then some and below you’ll find not only that exchange but the premiere of his newest single, “Undercover Lover”.

Always sounding like you’re taking a step back into the best days of the ‘80s, “Undercover Lover,” falls in line with Mick’s signature style. One that’s nostalgic of bands like Hall and Oates but presentin the here and now.

With the quintessential style & swagger that makes a singer/songwriter stand apart from the rest for all the right reasons, Mick’s innovative approach to music and powerful mix of thought-provoking, poetic lyricism & heartfelt melodies create a strong connection [Read more…]

Hermetic Seals Set to Release its latest Track, ‘Chasing the Moon’

Talented songwriter and founder of Hermetic Seals, Richard Fronapfel announces the release of the band’s new single titled ‘Chasing the Moon’. Thoughtful and reflective, this achingly beautiful anthem ruminates on the isolation and pain that accompanies lost love. A dreamlike, melodic piece, it builds on the themes of love, loss, and wonder that marked the band’s critically-acclaimed debut album, Like Home. Highlighting the joyful peaks and crushing troughs that bind us all, ‘Chasing the Moon’ is set to be released on 29th-Nov-19 on Spotify. It is the second single from Hermetic Seals’ second album , “Glass Heart”, which is slated for release in early 2020.

Mournful and tranquil strings set the tone, as the narrative unfolds revealing the lamentation of a once vibrant love plucked away without warning. The pain, the doubt and the insecurities ruminate as the story teller lays his heart bare. There is nothing to do but drive, pondering the missteps that [Read more…]

Fuller French Releases Music Video For Hit Song “I’ll Leave a Key by the Door”

Recording Artist Fuller French released the official music video for his latest hit single “I’ll Leave a Key by the Door”. Currently climbing the Mediabase A/C chart, this week the romantic and coy song has reached #38 with critics describing it as, “a charming, melodic and alluring slice of heartfelt piano-pop. It’s supremely catchy and drips with melody as it skips along a bed of rich meandering keys and honeyed purring vocals above.” (BarryGruff Music) This single comes off of French’s newly released 2019 EP “Champagne Rendezvous.”

Co-written with Cassandra Denver, French’s one-time neighbor, “I’ll Leave a Key by the Door” alludes to rekindling a romance with an old flame.

“She came over one day and asked what I was working on. So, I took her to my home studio to play [Read more…]

Trey Connor to Release Sophomore Single “Fear”

SUMMARY: Trey Connor will launch a digital release of his new single “Fear” on October 11, 2019.

A song about learning to live alongside personal demons, Trey Connor says Fear was an easy choice as lead single on his upcoming album. Sound bites from the song will begin appearing in the coming weeks on the artist’s social media pages and the lyric video will accompany the single on October 11th. Fear will be followed by additional singles to be released prior to the 9-song album (more information and release date to be announced).

Searching for new musical horizons and a larger/more active music scene, the indie artist relocated to Austin, TX (1) year ago from his hometown of Hartland, MI. Fear kicks off the [Read more…]

Come On In: Fuller French will Leave a Key By the Door

Fuller French’s latest single, “I’ll Leave a Key by the Door” debuts at number #47 on the Mediabase adult contemporary chart. The intimate song features the story of a hopeless romantic’s fantasy to rekindle intimacy with a lover from the past. French’s passionate feelings are expressed in the heartwarming and emotional song.

French mentions leaving a key by the door as an entrance to love. This single comes off of his newly released 2019 EP “Champagne Rendezvous.” Songs from the EP, including “It’s Just the Way Things Are” and “Different Shores” create a romantic seaside atmosphere to the full musical masterpiece thatis this latest album.

When French’s music plays, the dimming of lights begin. His melodies influence [Read more…]

The Indie Spotify Bible Features 3,000+ Spotify Playlists That Can Expose Artists To New Listeners And Help Grow Fan Bases

SUMMARY: David Wimble has been publishing music directories for more than 21 years. A prominent face in the DIY music scene, his work has connected artists with playlist curators and helped many talents be discovered by listeners and producers alike. The Indie Spotify Bible provides artists with detailed contact information for thousands of Spotify playlists sorted by genre.

Spotify is one of the largest growing online music markets in the world and one of the best ways for listeners to find new music. For over 20 years, David Wimble has been creating directories to help artists connect with music industry and take advantage of the growing online music market. Available in e-book PDF format, The Indie Spotify Bible has contact information for more than 3,000 Spotify playlists that [Read more…]

New Album, A World of Madness, Represents An Artistic Leap

SUMMARY: An expression of what we all feel, the music of madness is rooted in hip hop and R&B culture and touches on complex ideas about life, love and humanity. Released on May 14, 2019 his latest album A World of Madness features intelligent lyrics over soulful beats and gives listeners a glimpse about what it is to be an artist in times of great racial and economic division.

Rapper MADNESS describes his music as an extension of his soul, a basic understanding of art through his unique worldview. His lyrics provide listeners with a profound outlook into what it means to live and accept the highs and lows that life offers. His rhythmic beats and poetic writing touch on abstract ideas while keeping the music in the realm of reality, allowing listeners to truly connect with the music on an intimate level. [Read more…]

Singer/Songwriter Sincere LaSound Releases Premiere Single, “A Goddess She Is”

Atlanta singer-songwriter, Sincere LaSound, has released a powerful R&B single, “A Goddess She Is.” The track that was released on July 10, 2019, has a powerful rhythm and win at the Women’s World Cup and the #MeToo movement, as well as the multiple men who have found themselves being called out for their behavior, today is the perfect time for this reminder that every woman is a goddess.

Sincere LaSound believes as Tupac Shakur did: “Time to heal our women, be real to our women.”

Sincere LaSound

“Sincere LaSound writes songs and sings with raw talent that is both tantalizing and heart-felt. As someone who has been been learning about music and performance from an early age, he delivers a message to his listeners with experience with his passionate lyrics. He is an R&B and Pop artist to keep a close watch on for sure.” – Terrance Schemansky, 3000 Records [Read more…]

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