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New Talented Indie Artist Rixh Rose On The Rize

New talented indie artist RIXH ROSE released debut album “Big Rose” available on music platforms for download and stream. Check out Ballhawg Music 21album which Rixh Rose features on several tracks. Big Rose (remix single) featuring Fast Cash Jizzle is out now. Listen, watch, and download Rixh Rose Chanel 101 official music video. Rixh Rose and Ballhawg Music have been pounding the pavement hard and putting in work in the music industry as a versatile, lyrically inclined collaborative that can hold their own and compete for bar-for-bar with local acts and global sensations.

Charismatic, confident Little Rock Arkansas bred singer, songwriter and rapper known as Rixh Rosé. A new upcoming indie artist popularity exploding after World star hip hop video premiere of Chanel 101 gaining over 8 million views. Little Rock home of former [Read more…]

Valexis’s First Album, Fairy Tales, Produced By Mark Zubek Of Zedd Records, Will Be Released December 3rd, 2020 Across Major Music Platforms

Valexis is a classically-trained pianist and a contemporary-trained singer. She began writing songs several years ago when a toaster attacked her and she hit her head on a beige marble countertop. She refuses to give any more details about the experience, which she claims was “perhaps spiritual”; she suspects that her songwriting may have emerged as a byproduct of brain damage, but isn’t too worried about it.

”Valexis has put together an album of big pop songs—they’re hooky, well-constructed, and slightly futuristic.” – Murray Foster

The Album “Fairy Tales” will be available on December 3rd, 2020 on major music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and more. Valexis likes to [Read more…]

Recording Artist Billy Evans Releases Album “Colorful Groove”

Billy Evans’ remarkable career has been a profound journey, rendering a genre of musical sculpting compositions in a range of venues for over 35 years. Today, he unveils his highly anticipated project “Colorful Groove” that was recently released. The project encompasses both the instrumental and vocal talents of Billy Evans. The lyrics in “Come Over Here” reminds you of some of the great lyricists of the past such as Hal Davis, Cole Porter and Ted Koehler. Billy Evans’ “Colorful Groove” can be purchased at iTunes, TuneCore, Apple Music, and Amazon.

The “Colorful Groove” project follows the unstoppable success of the 2016 remix of his classic “Prisoner of My Weakness,” initially released in 1985. In 2012, the Prisoner of My Weakness project was still being [Read more…]

The Indigo Announce New Single “The Way You Say No” Produced By Toby Hulbert (Abbey Road/RCA Studios)

Birmingham bred and Nashville based pop-rock outfit The Indigo is set to release their debut single, “The Way You Say No” on September 4th recorded and produced by Toby Hulbert at East Avalon Recorders in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN with mixing credentials at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, England.

The single combines the alt-rock spirit of the Arctic Monkeys with an easy-going sparkle of Lennon-McCartney inspired harmonies. The song captures a tongue in cheek perspective of the melancholic pursuits of love, channeling lyrical inspirations from songwriters like Morrissey and Robert Smith.

Colby Wilson describes the writing process, “We were writing about the admiration of [Read more…]

The Bomparts As Featured On Nickelodeon Release New Song “Life In London”

SUMMARY: The Bomparts Release: “Life in London”, a harmonious melodic song with captivating musicology and mass appeal.

North Royal Entertainment announces the release of “Life In London” by The Bomparts, August 18, 2020 digitally through their own label, North Royal Entertainment, distributed by Funtime Productions/The Orchard. This dynamic four-member group gained national acclaim as a top five competitor on Nickelodeon’s prime time family show, “America’s Most Musical Family”. “Life in London” was written, arranged, and produced by The Bomparts and co-produced by Wisemen Music Group. Juanita, Elizabeth, Savannah and Alexandria Bompart, are [Read more…]

Album “El Barrio” By Ennas Brings Inspiration To Those Who Have Experienced Hardships Linked To Poverty

SUMMARY: Released on January 8, 2020 “El Barrio” is the latest project from Ennas, a singer who has been working alongside her father Wim Musean. This has been done a goal to shed light on the very real topic of child poverty, through their charity work and through their inspired music. While spreading this awareness about the child poverty crisis, money is being raised for those less fortunate. This is being done in the hopes that one day, these problems will be spoken of in past tense.

Ever since she was a child, singer Ennas has been surrounded by musicians. Her father, Wim Meusen worked in the music industry with The Rosenbergs, who allowed him to connect with prolific musicians around the world. Together, Ennas and her father hand-picked the best musicians to launch the “El Barrio” project. At the heart of “El Barrio” is the idea that [Read more…]

Mr. Church Boy Releases New Single “I’m About That”

Dedicated recording artist known as Mr. Church Boy is releasing his brand new single “I’m About That”. Mr. Church Boy has been performing for local churches in Columbus, GA, and now he is releasing his new single on 08/14/2020. The single will be available through popular online stores and streaming sites, off of his new album “God’s Inbox”.

In addition, Mr. Church Boy (www.mrchurchboy.com) is currently selling his album for “God’s Inbox”. Spotify will be streaming the single, the first song on the album “I’m About That”. Many people have described this song as being full of energy and life.

Mr. Church Boy has been rapping for 10 years now, and has worked with many other talented artists in the Gospel music industry. He is extremely excited about his debut album, and his single “I’m About That” is his most focused and furious material yet! Mr. Church Boy is a new addition to the definition of Hip-Hop, while sharing his values and beliefs to the masses.

Not only is Mr. Church Boy a recording artist but he is a professional cook, skilled in martial arts, music producer and a percussionist. He is a firm believer in Jesus Christ and he is never scared or ashamed to give God the praise in his life and music. Please get in touch with Edrica Edwards at mrchurchboy57@gmail.com for interviews, or promo copies of “I’m About That”. For more info. visit Mr. Church Boy’s website at www.mrchurchboy.com, or connect on social media at https://www.facebook.com/mrchurchboy57  and https://twitter.com/MrChurchBoy2.

For God’s Glory Christian Band Releases Album “Love Worthy of Praise”

For God’s Glory Christian Band is, as the name suggests, an alternative contemporary Christian musical group. The band was founded in 2014 and is based in the Town of Newburgh, in the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York State, in the USA. The band’s catalog spans across a variety of musical genres, with their debut album “Sharing Good News,” being released in July 2015. They followed that up with the 11-song album, “Love Worthy of Praise,” released in 2017. Instrumental remixes of songs from both albums also have been released. In 2018, the band released the 8-song cover album of uplifting traditional Christmas melodies, “Songs of CHRISTmas, Vol. I.’.

“Love Worthy of Praise,” is an album filled with joy, especially the truth of joy. That truth is that no matter what you are going through, no matter [Read more…]

Emerging Pop/R&B Singer Amara Releases “Vagabond” Music Video to Fans Worldwide

July 22, 2020 – Amara, now known by fans as the Vagabond with a Voice, released her long anticipated Vagabond music video following the successful release of the single to listeners earlier this month.

With her third music video and and now sixth single release under her belt, Vagabond continues the journey through Amara’s artistry after the release of her latest visuals for The Aftermath and Nowhere, which debuted earlier this year. The melodic and moody singer/songwriter has already begun taking the world of Dark Pop and R&B by storm, and Vagabond lives up to her reputation by continuing to leave audiences wanting more from the pop star.

Filmed in Downtown Las Vegas, and the surrounding Dry Lake Bed and Mount Charleston, Vagabond is a cinematic experience with epic visuals that tell the story of the life of an emotional Vagabond. The unforgettable music video shows the artist battle with internal struggles as she leaves Sin City and roams from the desert to the snow-capped mountains in search of her true self.

“Vagabond is about self reflection” comments Amara. “As an emotional vagabond, you’re never successful running from your problems. Eventually you have to face them head on, and realize that you’ve been dragging those problems close behind you as baggage the whole time. I think we all go through this. When we have this spiritual epiphany about our inner struggles, we can either continue down the black hole or choose to release the baggage and find a new path. I wanted to carefully paint that picture for this music video.”

Written by Amara, Vagabond was produced by Shane Anderson of Unique Records Music. “Amara’s ability to capture raw emotions that translate to a visual canvas is a true gift, and she totally delivers with her new single” says Shane Anderson. “Vagabond traverses visual landscapes wile providing a constant tug and pull of emotion, giving you a glimpse into Amara’s artistry. This is just the beginning of Amara’s journey, but this is her best work yet and she is only getting started.”

With videography by Frontman Media, the Vagabond music video incorporates colorful visuals shot in 4K footage that keeps viewers glued to the screen. To watch the Vagabond music video today, please click here. Additionally, listen to Vagabond on all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Pandora, or visit www.ThisIsAmaraMusic.com.

About Amara

Amara was born in Hawaii and raised in Michigan, Washington, and California. An eclectic pop singer and songwriter, she has dominated the dark-pop and R&B scenes with her unique artistry. With musical influences across every genre, her songwriting and lyrical style has an eclectic sound that is as diverse as her multicultural background. Having lived her share of ups and downs, she uses the power of music to talk about love, loss, heartache, and struggle as a form of therapy for herself and listeners worldwide.

To learn more, please visit @this.is.amara.music on Instagram or www.ThisIsAmaraMusic.com.


Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/7hBv3ON60ts

Singer, Model And Songwriter Aniiyah Jackson, aka Pocahontas Releases Her Self-Titled Debut Album

SUMMARY: Harmonic, versatile and boasting thoughtful and intelligent lyrics, Pocahontas may not be a household name yet, but her influence in the mainstream music industry cannot be denied. Her style, beauty and talent earned her numerous songwriting credits and a place in a variety of charitable causes. Her debut release Pocahontas Music is a stunning array of traditional R&B mixed with a unique style of pop that is both unapologetically real and also uplifting.

Since the age of artist Aniiyah Jackson found a passion for singing at weddings and in church choirs. At age 10 she released her first song, which led to numerous opportunities including being selected by Liquid Talent, Starz2Be, Barbizon and the Disney Channel. At 17, she began working for her mother’s talent agency, where she truly began to blossom as an artist. With the help of [Read more…]

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