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Through Self Expression, Aliché Provides Listeners With Complex Songs Layered With Meaning

SUMMARY: A relatively new face in the experimental R&B scene, Aliché has always used music as a way to express herself and derive a deeper meaning from life. Her debut album “Exx” will be released on May 31st and is a collection of visceral love songs inspired by many R&B greats. The album will feature her infectious dance single “Cleopatra”.

Growing up listening to a wide berth of musical genres, singer/songwriter Aliché fell in love with the R&B genre at a young age. As a practically born writer, she learned to sing as a child while listening to the greats, and recorded many of her thoughts in a personal journal. It was this combination of intimate thought collection and musical education that led her to [Read more…]

With An Eclectic Blend Of Genres, Jerome Taylor’s Latest Album Titled “Space Is The Place” Is Ready To Blast Off!

SUMMARY: Rather than emulating trends in the mainstream music industry, Jerome Taylor has always tried to capture a feeling when crafting his music. Each song represents a feeling rather than a genre, which allows Taylor to experiment with a variety of genres and create a sound that is truly unique. His talents are brilliantly reflected in his latest release “Space is the Place”, a collection of trippy and modern songs that truly transcend genres.

Jerome Taylor’s music has always been about blurring the genre lines and capturing a mood instead of a particular sound. He has expressed the tendency to develop a melody before constructing additional components of his songs, which allows him to experiment heavily and incorporate more variety into his music. The end result is sort of an electronic R&B that uses unique beats, audio samples and complex melodies to create music that is truly immersive.

The honesty of Taylor’s music comes through beautifully through each track on Space is the Place, a truly remarkable example of an artist that is not afraid to be himself and craft meaningful songs. Featuring a number of different arrangements including string, electronic, and traditional blues, “Space is the Place” is [Read more…]

“Undisputable is He”, A New Album By The Mighty Men Of Faith Set For Release On March 26, 2019

N2L Records announced today that the Mighty Men of Faith from the San Francisco Bay Area are releasing a new album titled “Undisputable Is He”. The album attests to the undeniable truth that God is “Lord of Lords”, and that he has our back “Everywhere”. According to executives at N2L records, the album of thirteen songs contains a combination of Gospel and Christian songs that will encourage and boost the spirit of listeners.

Mighty Men Of Faith

Steve Eaton wrote two of the songs, “That’s What God Did for Me” and “Everywhere”. Steve has written songs for The Carpenters, Art Garfunkel, and Lee Greenwood. He said, “I tried to be very honest with myself when writing” ‘Everywhere’ and ‘That’s What He Did for Me’.” My knowledge of theology and religion is minimal…. so, I wrote about what I know most about sin! I wrote these songs through the [Read more…]

Justice System Releases New Hip Hop And Rap Album Titled Basement Tapes

The lush soundscape of Justice System’s new album, Basement Tapes, is the product of a beautiful tension.  It is the tension that arises when eight NY hip-hop heads who grew up together blend 70’s soul music recording techniques, jazz quintet instrumentation, and programmed and chopped up beats to stretch the sound of hip-hop beyond conventional limits.

On tracks like “Bring the Justice” and “Where We’re From”, the caustic rhymes of Jahbaz, Folex, and Sugadeezil go head-to-head with Mo Betta Al’s searing horn lines and synth stabs, all against the atmospheric rumble of Coz Boogie’s bass and Eric G.’s beats.  Just as the underlying tension is about to peak, the songs transition to fulsome bridge arrangements and spirited choruses.  These transitions provide an emotional release for the energy that surges throughout the album.

The album’s first single, “Bronxian Bauxite” showcases the crew’s storytelling prowess over a classic NY Boom-Bap track [Read more…]

Larry Legend A.K.A. Switcha Prepares To Launch “Sing Again Dream Again”!

SUMMARY: Recording Artist Larry Legend, also known as Switcha has been using his talents in the music field. Recently, he began working on something new and special. He is putting together a show titled “Sing Again Dream Again”.

Developing his own style and unique voice while focusing on the genres of Hip Hop and R&B, Larry Legend a.k.a. Switcha, has gained a nice following. Through to social media and touring, he has worked hard to connect with music fans worldwide. He has shared the highs and lows on his journey through his lyrics, and music.

Switcha also developed his skills as a music producer. This has allowed him even more room to express himself independently as a recording artist. He also set up his own home recording studio where he is able to express himself through his music.

Originally drawing inspiration from the movie “Hustle And Flow”, Switcha has reached a point in his career where he is not only [Read more…]

Pickleback Shine Releases New Single Titled “Count on That”!

SUMMARY: Blending and bending the embodiments of country and southern rock, Pickleback Shine provides listeners with an exceptional musical experience that has been carefully crafted over the past 8 years. Based in Southern California, this emerging country band and their distinctive vibe has something for listeners of all ages and musical tastes. Their brand-new single “Count on That” represents a sound uniquely theirs and illustrates a band that is willing to deviate from the norm while still maintaining their country/southern rock roots.

Based in Southern California, Pickleback Shine has been evolving their music since forming in 2010. The band is fronted by talented Louisiana native Justin Boudreax, whose Southern drawl is the perfect complement to the wide range of what is considered today’s top 40 country rock. His unique singing style is passionate and straight forward and is further enhanced by co-lead singer Hilary Seleb’s sultry harmonies as well as the smoky vocal tones of vocalist/guitarist Jason Soderlund.

“Count on That” was written to compliment “When the Morning Comes”, both tributes to the Route 91 tragedy [Read more…]

Theatrical Music Video, Angel Music Lover Attracts A Worldwide Audience

Yes this is an age of instant gratification and attention deficient disorder, yet the classical theme in the video and song of “Angel Music Lover” is breaking the trend and dares to delve into the enlightened or devastating effects of Love over time. “Angel Music Lover” reflects the classical themes of Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture Of Dorian Grey” or even “Beauty and The Beast”, keeping alive the unending search and need for youth and the vital desire to hold on to the objects of our affections and self adoration.

“Angel Music Lover” is musical theater. The video demonstrates a maturity of performance and music production from the artist. David Simmons tells the story using flashbacks and emotionally fired vocals to tell the truth of love and life experience through the eyes of the performer. Andrew Camp and Esa Lehti surround the performance in a finely woven collage of many genres of music through time. [Read more…]

Joe Miralles Trio, A Philadelphia Based Band Releases Their New EP

Philadelphia Singer/Songwriter Joe Miralles is back again with a new EP titled “Narrow Path”. The EP includes five new songs that were recorded at the Hacienda Studio in Phoenixville, PA by the Joe Miralles Trio. His new band includes Gary Houk on drums and keyboards, Nick Priessnitz on bass guitar, and of course Joe Miralles on vocals and guitar. This body of work was orchestrated over the last few years, and could easily prove to be his best compositions to date.

Joe also enlisted the assistance of Cliff Hillis, who produced the album and also played guitar on some of the tracks. Mike “slo-mo” Brenner added pedal steel and Rosie McNamara-Jones played fiddle on some select tracks. One of the highlights of this recording is the uplifting “Glorious Night”, a song about discovery and new Beginnings. The haunting and direct “Narrow Path” also delivers a very strong message. A previously released single in 2016 that received airplay from both regional and national radio stations, “Blue”, is also [Read more…]

With A Blend Of American Rock Roots And Folk Influence, Canadian Artist Davie Simmons Seamlessly Creates Art That Appeals To A Wide Audience

SUMMARY: Known to some as the Canadian Celtic Cowboy, Davie Simmons churns out folk influenced rock. In doing so, he paints a vivid picture of what it was like to grow up in Canada during the swinging sixties. His latest album, “Soundtrack for Finding David” is an illustration of the variety of influences Simmons has used to craft a special niche in the heart of American music.

Much of the success of Davie Simmons can be attributed to his wide variety of artistic influences and having experienced the rock music scene in a number of different countries. Having been part of the music industry for more than 40 years, Simmons has the chops and the instrumental talent to cover a wide variety of sounds as well as write his unique brand of music that appeals to a wide variety of audiences.

While The Beatles were sweeping the world with their sweeping brand of pop music, there was a whole wealth of music developing [Read more…]

Seamlessly Blending EDM, Pop And Some Rock Elements, Jason Rylan Gains Traction As An Artist With The Rare Quality Of Mass Appeal

SUMMARY: Refusing to stay in one place, Jason Rylan runs the gamut of electronic music. From incorporating elements of EDM, House, Electronica and Pop, he has reached new mainstream appeal with his ever-evolving style. Building on past success and experience, his latest single “Strong” is an undeniably catchy track that blends all of his musical influences masterfully. Striving to make every single song of his different from one another, “Strong” is a true testament to an artist who is not afraid to experiment and push the envelope of electronic music while bearing his soul to listeners.

The focal point of the music of Jason Rylan has always been positivity. Since the release of his first album “Walk Away” in 2006 he has continued to find different ways to arrange electronic music elements and combine them with uplifting and intelligent lyrics. Believing that music should be created to uplift, he believes that there are healing elements to his tracks that translates to daily life. The single “Strong” will appear on his latest album, which follows his previous releases including “2012” and “The Charm”. [Read more…]

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