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Recording Artist and Actor J’Amore Releases “Facts Of Life”

Up and coming Music artist is ready to change hip hop! His name is J’Amore, hailing from Atlanta, GA this young rookie can spit and not only does he spit, but he can also do so much more for the culture. J’Amore will make labels regret not to sign him.

With the release of his new highly anticipated single “Facts Of Life”, J’Amore is a breathe of fresh air in the over saturated hip hop music scene with a unique style and undeniable flow that will leave fans wanting more.

J’Amore Love is an American actor who is best known for Bloody Neighborhood, Trunk (2018) and In the Night (2020). Born on November 10 , 1992.

The infectious single accompanied by the refreshingly authentic production that will leave you hitting [Read more…]

Chronicles of a Fourth Delivers A Breathtaking Departure From Conventional Folk Rock

SUMMARY: Conceived from beyond the mainstream society, Chronicles of a Fourth is a folk-rock outfit with plenty of chops that blends folk roots with modern styles. Released in May 2020, their latest album, “Open Relationship Blues” is a concept piece that explores a LGBTQ relationship in the entertainment industry.

Demonstrating that it is never too late to pursue one’s dreams, Chronicles of a Fourth is a project consisting of veteran multicultural musicians Eric Van Aro, Alberto Pinelli, Marcello “Bread” Schena and Antonio “Aki” Chindamo. As highly skilled career musicians, the band has a unique perspective on the world having grown up outside of what many would consider ‘normal’. The name Chronicles of a Fourth itself, is a reference to a “third culture kid”, or kids raised in a different country than their country of origin.

Possessing unique cultural elements from countries including [Read more…]

Artist Majid Habibi Has Been Perfecting His Craft While Bringing His Unique Sound To English Speaking Listeners

SUMMARY: Having been a part of virtually every type of media since the early 2000’s, Majid Habibi has long been a voice in the entertainment industry. From his work on a ton of movies, television and even video games, he is now working to create his own voice in the music industry. Since 2004 he has been working tirelessly to pivot into recording his own tracks, which resulted in the uplifting, up tempo tracks titled “Be Honest”, “4 Min and 4 Seconds More”, and “Reviews of the Fragments”.

Hailing from Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province and billed from Tehran, Iran, Majid Habibi is known for voice acting in a variety of films, animations, and documentaries. Since he was young, he has shown interest in all things entertainment ranging from voice acting in video games, studying martial arts under world-renowned [Read more…]

Adva Mobile’s Newest Software Includes Personal Text Numbers For Artist To Fan Communications

SUMMARY: The newest version of the leading mobile marketing service for musicians and creative artists brings fans and artists closer.

Adva Mobile Corporation, the leading mobile marketing platform for creative Artists to acquire, engage, and sell to their Fans, expanded their popular marketing platform with new Fan relationship management tools. The leading new technology includes a personal phone number for each Artist to use to text with Fans.

Text, and the integrated engagement tools on the Adva Mobile Platform, are used to fundamentally change the way Artists interact with their Fans. The Artist – Fan relationship is important to both Fan and Artist and this relationship is enhanced because of the closeness that text messaging provides. Now, Artists can talk [Read more…]

Everyone Is Struggling To “Fit In” In This New World Created By One Virus

Platinum Singer-Songwriter/Producers 80 Empire released their latest single “Fit In” on On Friday May 22, 2020. The new single is from their forthcoming album Legacy, featuring Bishop Lamont, MD Laz, il Nano, Catherine Marie and Fred the Godson, whose tragic and sudden passing on April 23, 2020 due to COVID-19 has left his family and the Hip Hop community with a huge void. All proceeds from “Fit In” will be donated to the family of Fred the Godson.

“Fit In” is the creative marriage of lyrical titans meeting a masterful and haunting melody, scored with a hard-hitting, eerie backdrop. In a world driven by the lustful need for fast food, “Fit In” stands definitively on its own while toying with the struggle of fitting in. It also deals with the reality of living in a new world that has [Read more…]

Audimute Announces Affiliate Program for Musicians

Audimute, maker of superior acoustic products for soundproofing needs, announced the launch of a redesigned affiliate program targeting the music industry. Offering a more lucrative and rewarding commission structure, affiliates will receive higher commissions, free products, and generous discounts.

Audimute was created from the need to soundproof the room of Mitch Zlotnik, founder and CEO, while he played his drums. Through years of product development and innovation based on customer feedback and personal use, Audimute has created a wide variety of soundproofing solutions that lead the industry. Customers looking for items such as portable acoustic sheets, sound barriers (like Peacemaker®), isolation products, and drum accessories experienced the benefits of Mitch’s ideas and Audimute’s promise of value: solution driven advice by sound experts given freely, high-performance [Read more…]

Maris And Greg Collaborate On Original Song “Patsy Cline”

Mr. Larry Flick of Billboard Magazine recognized Greg’s song “Weekend Warrior” on page 59 of the September 17th 1994 edition. (https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Billboard/90s/1994/BB-1994-09-17.pdf#page=59)

“I’ve got my head dress on, got my bow along. I’m going out for kill. But I’ll be back in time. I’m going to make you mine. I’m your Weekend Warrior, a Weekend Warrior, a Weekend…” – Greg Rank

Forty years in the making, Greg Rank has written a never before heard, rare and unreleased collection of original songs. Now over 60 of those songs have been mastered and distributed to the various streaming services so music fans can listen on iTunes, Napster, Spotify and many other music outlets online worldwide.

This year also marks [Read more…]

International Recording Artist Shiny Glide Brings Listeners Along On A Musical Journey

Originally from Italy, recording artist, poet, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shiny Glide aka Antony Venneri, has always had a deep connection with the world. He is not afraid to follow the path that his music provides for him. The stage name Shiny Glide, is a name which was inspired by watching albatross glide across a pristine ocean. He uses poetry and metaphors to share the world with his listeners through a lens that only he can provide. It is the natural beauty of these birds that he thought was the perfect description of what his music is meant to represent. Like the dreamy glide of the albatross, his music connects with the most sensitive listeners through diverse rock instrumentals and lyrics that represent a much deeper meaning.

Having traveled all over the world, Shiny Glide has had the pleasure of fine-tuning his art in major artistic epicenters including [Read more…]

Dempster from Detroit Releases His Single “Hero’s Work Here” As A Tribute To Public Service Workers During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Using modern recording styles to bolster classical rock instrumentation and somber vocals, R.G. Dempster a.k.a. Dempster from Detroit has created a unique brand of roots-based American music backed by a powerful positive message. A tribute to the everyday heroes of the world, his latest track “Hero’s Work Here” highlights the selfless deeds of municipal workers including police officers, firefighters, doctors, paramedics and others during what has been a global virus pandemic.

As a Musician from Michigan, Dempster has spent the last 20 years of his life crafting a true, heartfelt depiction of what it means to be an American. Using country influenced vocal stylings and classic blues rock instrumentation, he has highlighted the joys and hardships of the working Midwest, as well as giving listeners hope for [Read more…]

Maxthor Releases Their Nine Track Masterpiece Titled “Fiction” For Music Fans Worldwide!

Hailing from Spain, the music group Maxthor has always had a penchant for re-imagining the unique sound of 80’s American music. Inspired by iconic artists as Phil Collins, Billy Idol and Survivor, Maxthor is defined by their hazy wall of sound, echoing vocals and hypnotic instrumentation. Gracefully blending tense, sprawling arrangements infused with retro-disco song elements, Maxthor provides listeners with a brand of futuristic indie pop. The group strays from modern pop music conventions.

Consisting of vocalist and guitarist Luis Deltell, keyboardist Joaquin Deltell and drummer Pablo Mendez, Maxthor is able to generate quite a bit of noise and prowess given its small makeup. This is largely due to Deltell’s powerful vocals and the band’s ability to follow them seamlessly. Each song is well-thought and delivers a pulse [Read more…]

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