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Rapper And Singer Zell Has Crafted His Latest Single “Blow Up”, An Indie Hip Hop Masterpiece

SUMMARY: “Blow Up” the latest track from rapper/singer Zhonzell Watson who professionally goes by the name “Zell” features what the artist describes as his enjoyment of rapping over bouncy beats. Ever since having a little bit of notoriety in the underground rap industry, Zell has recently decided to up his game and begin to really learn how to make and produce his own unique version of indie hip hop. The end result has become an upbeat, yet calming track with a positive message and thoughtful, introspective lyrical composition.

A producer of all of his own music, Zell began his serious music careerin 2017 after failing to get mainstream exposure. Since becoming his own boss, he produced a song called “You Said”, by Young Thug featuring Quavo. “You Said” includes Zell’s acoustic guitar loops that were creatively used during production. From there [Read more…]

DAVA Releases New Album “Joy Is Our Guide”

Singer-songwriter Vaclav Polansky is the mastermind behind acoustic folk project DAVA. Inspired by his life experience and path to conscious living, DAVA explores this journey through debut album Joy Is Our Guide. The 9 track album, which surrounds itself in peace and tranquillity, was released on the 21st March 2021 in digital form only, to avoid the destructive environmental impact of plastics.

Expressed as ‘acoustic conscious music’ by DAVA himself, the songs pull at various genres and influences created in his home country of the Czech Republic. The leading element of the album is the melodic acoustic guitars, on which he collaborated with US songwriter and fellow guitarist, Daniel Levanti. The album opens with title track Joy Is Our Guide, unveiling the realisation of joy and light after overcoming darkness. Each track on the album is an individual [Read more…]

Multi-Award Winning, Electro-Pop Artist Ghoste Releases Animated Music Video For “Little Star”

The recognition is coming in for singer-songwriter GHOSTE’s (Jenny Bruce) animated music video, “Little Star.” The video was a finalist in the London International Music Video Awards on February 28, 2021 and is selected for the upcoming Toronto Short Film Festival on March 22, 2021!

Conceived and created solely by the artist’s 13-year-old son, Theodore Adnet-Bruce, this video is an expression of self-reflection and an affirmation that we all have the innate ability to overcome adversity and shine. “Little Star” is the 10th track on GHOSTE’s 10/30/20 released, self-titled album, produced by Matt Anthony (Darius Rucker, Shinedown, Pat Monahan of Train).

While coping with ADHD, anxiety, and depression, the artist’s young [Read more…]

Ken Lehnig Releases “I Can Hear you Now” On Label American Windsong Music

SUMMARY: “He writes and sings Americana songs that resonate, often capturing quirky characters with lyrical stories written around them. Frank Kocher a review of “Dr, Daniels Miracle Cure and Medicine Show” for San Diego Troubadour American artist, Ken Lehnig, releases “I Can Hear You Now” a different kind of faith album.

I Can Hear You Now is Americana artist Ken Lehnig’s fifth solo album project. Ken included a praise song in each of his four previous albums: The American Music Show, Holding a Rose, Dr. Daniels Miracle Cure and Medicine Show, and Broken Heart. With a talented group of musicians offering their talents: Ed Kornhauser, Robert Cowan, Cory Wilkens, John Hildebrand, Chris Lehnig, Pat Hildebrand, Alicia Previn, Marty Shwartz, David Morgan, Jay Jay Lim, and Mary Harris. ‘I Can Hear You Now’ was produced by Ken Lehnig and John Hildebrand. [Read more…]

Jason Rylan’s Song “Powerless” Offers A Glimpse Not Only Into The Hardships Of An Artist In The Heart Of A Pandemic, But The Rest Of Us Too

SUMMARY: Guided by a desire to create inspiring and uplifting music, Jason Rylan digs deep into the hardships and curveballs that we all experience. His latest track “Powerless” describes that sense that we all feel at times, where forces greater than us dictate our path. While we are all experiencing turmoil, Rylan believes that the message of faith and that this pain is only temporary will resonate with his listeners.

Hailing from California and based in Las Vegas, singer/songwriter Jason Rylan’s music has often been described as a blend of EDM, electronic and dance pop. Growing up with musicians for parents, Rylan recalls his parents hanging a microphone above his crib as a child while they practiced music in the garage. From there he gained an interest in visual arts as well as music production, which would lead to working with some of the biggest names in [Read more…]

Celebrate Self-Love Day on Feb 13 With The New Self-Love Music Video From Award-Winning Songwriter Trevor Justice

SUMMARY: Valentine’s Day is when we treat others. Self-Love Day gives us a reason to treat ourselves. And now there’s an inspiring music video to help us do it, aptly titled “Love Yourself”.

If you know someone who’s feeling insecure, lonely, or unworthy, “Love Yourself” could be the antidote for their heart and soul. The new single came out just in time for Self-Love Day on February 13th, along with a heartwarming new music video.

According to author Brené Brown, we can only love others as much as we love ourselves. What’s more, people who practice self-love tend to set boundaries when they’re not treated well. With teen suicide rising, and families being torn apart by mental health issues, [Read more…]

Wellerman Sea Shanty Launches On Apple And Spotify

SUMMARY: The social media phenomenon is now available for streaming.

The Wellerman, a song that’s gone viral on social media in recent weeks, is now available on most streaming platforms. The release was recorded by the multi-national vocalists made famous on TikTok, who now call themselves “The Wellermen”- Sam Pope, 30, Kent, England; Jonny Stewart, 29, London, England; Bobby “Bass” Waters, 22, Walpole, MA; Luke Taylor, 19, Thornton, PA and Aaron Sloan, 23, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

When asked about the song and how the video has changed his life, Jonny Stewart stated, “I don’t think anyone could have predicted sea shanties being so popular – seeing the video being featured on major [Read more…]

A Call For Unity On MLK Day

Willie Clarke, the CEO of Deep City Records calls for unity during a time of unrest in the country and announces the release of United We Stand, by Sam Daniels. In addition, the label, Deep City Records will be donating a part of the proceeds to benefit inner city youth education.

As the owner of the first and longest running African American owned record label in Florida, his message comes with a sense of purpose on a momentous day in history. When those who would be oppressed, vowed to abstain from violence and instead raise their voices to fight for equality, liberty and justice for all.

“It’s an important day for us to remember and a cause for us to emulate” said Willie Clarke. “We must continue to stand for justice, for peace and for equality [Read more…]

Wil Van Winkle & the Sixpins Announce their debut EP “The Perpetual Club of Sages, Philosophers, and Other Idle Personages”

International Recording Artist Wil Van Winkle & his band the Sixpins are pleased to announce the physical release of their debut EP on their own label, Pie-Raid Records. The album is titled “The Perpetual Club of Sages, Philosophers, and Other Idle Personages”. While the EP has been available on streaming platforms and for download since March 2020, the CD has long been delayed due to issues surrounding COVID-19.

Though the band has been playing songs from the EP, along with Wil’s solo material once restrictions were lifted in the Nashville, they did not have the CD to sell at shows. However, despite audience size and venue limitations, Wil Van Winkle & the Sixpins have started getting some reviews of their live shows. While their former drummer, Brian Rotolo, left the band due to lingering health concerns from [Read more…]

American Alternative Pop Duo KhulaRae Release Their Single “All We Need”

KhulaRae is an American Alternative Pop Duo & partners in love & life. Their latest single and music video “ALL WE NEED” is exactly what the world needs right now in order to keep us focused on the light instead of succumbing to the darkness. Everything you hear is 100% KhulaRae, but their video is a collaboration with some of industry’s top dancers, choreographers, and creatives to date.

Sara (Khula) and Natalie (Rae) have been dealt some difficult cards in the last few years (Sara being diagnosed with cancer and beating it back, loosing of family members, loss of job, mental stress, & fighting depression), but through it all their soul mission has always been to create music to help people heal & feel a little less alone in the world.

The single & music video “All We Need” [Read more…]

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