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Winchester 7 & the Runners Showcase Unique Styles As An Indie Rock Band, While Delivering Music In The Ukulele Rock Genre

SUMMARY: Rather than using guitar to fuel their unique brand of rock, Winchester 7 & the Runners instead feature a distorted ukulele. This creates a rich and vibrant sound that draws upon alternative, classic rock, post punk, and Brit pop to produce a polished, yet analog sound. Their latest album “Argos Holiday”, on sale December 17, is the latest addition to their small yet musically evolved catalog that features catchy hooks, complex rhythms and thoughtful songwriting.

Listening to the fuzzy upbeat sound of “indie” rock band Winchester 7 & the Runners, working through pain, is what led to its formation. After a couple of difficult midlife crisis years for front-man Winchester 7, he was questioning his education in film, photography and audio production as well as dealing with the loss of his mother. He decided to seek [Read more…]

Album Press Release, Space Electric 2020

Space Electric just released their new debut album (1st of October 2020) ‘The Great Attractor’ released on our own record label Waves Productions and Orchard/IndigoBoom.

The Great Attractor is the mass of a trillion suns drawing galaxies towards it. The force increases in intensity and pulls the earth towards an unknown fate. Space Electric inhabits this parallel universe with its electromagnetic rock. Do you believe in a multiverse? Do you believe in dark energy? Do you believe in free will? Or do you believe in nothing?

Homepage and Album link: Space Electric homepage The band recently finished recording the album ´The Great Attractor´ in Barcelona, produced, mixed and mastered by Alejandro Ortiz (producer), Andrés Pérez (co-producer) and Miquel Mestres (assistant engineer) [Read more…]

Psychedelic Rocker Shiny Glide Releases His Complex And Insightful Album That Provides Listeners With A Unique View Of Life

Trained in both piano and guitar, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Anthony Venneri, whose stage name is Shiny Glide, always found guitar to be better suited for his nomadic nature. A traveler and former busker, he has performed his unique brand of psychedelic rock in various locations around the world including Dublin, Rome, New Orleans and Los Angeles. His latest release, “Sweet Eternal Walk” is a brilliantly serene and paced album with a message of hope. Each melody is carefully crafted, reflecting what Shiny Glide says to be a special love and dedication into what he does.

It is this dedication combined with the genuine nature of the sounds and words contained within the album that makes “Sweet Eternal Walk” a joy to listen to. Behind each layered melody are lyrics that touch on a subject of [Read more…]

Tomorrow Never Knows Releases EP “No. 1” for Fans of Atmospheric Rock

L.A. and St. Louis based Tomorrow Never Knows is an exciting new rock band with songs inspired by the psychedelic music of The Beatles and reminiscent of the atmospheric sounds of Pink Floyd. In a creative masterstroke, the signature accent for the music on this debut EP titled “No. 1” is the sitar, the unmistakable sound of which brings the music to new dimensions for listeners. The EP was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, England.

Bandmates Sam Wade and Jeremy McDonald are singer-songwriters and producers, and this collaboration has been nearly 30 years in the making. In fact, development on this EP began when Wade and McDonald were teenagers, and they have come together now to finish the project and continue with more music to come. [Read more…]

New Talented Indie Artist Rixh Rose On The Rize

New talented indie artist RIXH ROSE released debut album “Big Rose” available on music platforms for download and stream. Check out Ballhawg Music 21album which Rixh Rose features on several tracks. Big Rose (remix single) featuring Fast Cash Jizzle is out now. Listen, watch, and download Rixh Rose Chanel 101 official music video. Rixh Rose and Ballhawg Music have been pounding the pavement hard and putting in work in the music industry as a versatile, lyrically inclined collaborative that can hold their own and compete for bar-for-bar with local acts and global sensations.

Charismatic, confident Little Rock Arkansas bred singer, songwriter and rapper known as Rixh Rosé. A new upcoming indie artist popularity exploding after World star hip hop video premiere of Chanel 101 gaining over 8 million views. Little Rock home of former [Read more…]

Valexis’s First Album, Fairy Tales, Produced By Mark Zubek Of Zedd Records, Will Be Released December 3rd, 2020 Across Major Music Platforms

Valexis is a classically-trained pianist and a contemporary-trained singer. She began writing songs several years ago when a toaster attacked her and she hit her head on a beige marble countertop. She refuses to give any more details about the experience, which she claims was “perhaps spiritual”; she suspects that her songwriting may have emerged as a byproduct of brain damage, but isn’t too worried about it.

”Valexis has put together an album of big pop songs—they’re hooky, well-constructed, and slightly futuristic.” – Murray Foster

The Album “Fairy Tales” will be available on December 3rd, 2020 on major music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and more. Valexis likes to [Read more…]

Recording Artist Billy Evans Releases Album “Colorful Groove”

Billy Evans’ remarkable career has been a profound journey, rendering a genre of musical sculpting compositions in a range of venues for over 35 years. Today, he unveils his highly anticipated project “Colorful Groove” that was recently released. The project encompasses both the instrumental and vocal talents of Billy Evans. The lyrics in “Come Over Here” reminds you of some of the great lyricists of the past such as Hal Davis, Cole Porter and Ted Koehler. Billy Evans’ “Colorful Groove” can be purchased at iTunes, TuneCore, Apple Music, and Amazon.

The “Colorful Groove” project follows the unstoppable success of the 2016 remix of his classic “Prisoner of My Weakness,” initially released in 1985. In 2012, the Prisoner of My Weakness project was still being [Read more…]

The Indigo Announce New Single “The Way You Say No” Produced By Toby Hulbert (Abbey Road/RCA Studios)

Birmingham bred and Nashville based pop-rock outfit The Indigo is set to release their debut single, “The Way You Say No” on September 4th recorded and produced by Toby Hulbert at East Avalon Recorders in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN with mixing credentials at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, England.

The single combines the alt-rock spirit of the Arctic Monkeys with an easy-going sparkle of Lennon-McCartney inspired harmonies. The song captures a tongue in cheek perspective of the melancholic pursuits of love, channeling lyrical inspirations from songwriters like Morrissey and Robert Smith.

Colby Wilson describes the writing process, “We were writing about the admiration of [Read more…]

The Bomparts As Featured On Nickelodeon Release New Song “Life In London”

SUMMARY: The Bomparts Release: “Life in London”, a harmonious melodic song with captivating musicology and mass appeal.

North Royal Entertainment announces the release of “Life In London” by The Bomparts, August 18, 2020 digitally through their own label, North Royal Entertainment, distributed by Funtime Productions/The Orchard. This dynamic four-member group gained national acclaim as a top five competitor on Nickelodeon’s prime time family show, “America’s Most Musical Family”. “Life in London” was written, arranged, and produced by The Bomparts and co-produced by Wisemen Music Group. Juanita, Elizabeth, Savannah and Alexandria Bompart, are [Read more…]

Album “El Barrio” By Ennas Brings Inspiration To Those Who Have Experienced Hardships Linked To Poverty

SUMMARY: Released on January 8, 2020 “El Barrio” is the latest project from Ennas, a singer who has been working alongside her father Wim Musean. This has been done a goal to shed light on the very real topic of child poverty, through their charity work and through their inspired music. While spreading this awareness about the child poverty crisis, money is being raised for those less fortunate. This is being done in the hopes that one day, these problems will be spoken of in past tense.

Ever since she was a child, singer Ennas has been surrounded by musicians. Her father, Wim Meusen worked in the music industry with The Rosenbergs, who allowed him to connect with prolific musicians around the world. Together, Ennas and her father hand-picked the best musicians to launch the “El Barrio” project. At the heart of “El Barrio” is the idea that [Read more…]

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