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Theatrical Music Video, Angel Music Lover Attracts A Worldwide Audience

Yes this is an age of instant gratification and attention deficient disorder, yet the classical theme in the video and song of “Angel Music Lover” is breaking the trend and dares to delve into the enlightened or devastating effects of Love over time. “Angel Music Lover” reflects the classical themes of Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture Of Dorian Grey” or even “Beauty and The Beast”, keeping alive the unending search and need for youth and the vital desire to hold on to the objects of our affections and self adoration.

“Angel Music Lover” is musical theater. The video demonstrates a maturity of performance and music production from the artist. David Simmons tells the story using flashbacks and emotionally fired vocals to tell the truth of love and life experience through the eyes of the performer. Andrew Camp and Esa Lehti surround the performance in a finely woven collage of many genres of music through time. [Read more…]

Joe Miralles Trio, A Philadelphia Based Band Releases Their New EP

Philadelphia Singer/Songwriter Joe Miralles is back again with a new EP titled “Narrow Path”. The EP includes five new songs that were recorded at the Hacienda Studio in Phoenixville, PA by the Joe Miralles Trio. His new band includes Gary Houk on drums and keyboards, Nick Priessnitz on bass guitar, and of course Joe Miralles on vocals and guitar. This body of work was orchestrated over the last few years, and could easily prove to be his best compositions to date.

Joe also enlisted the assistance of Cliff Hillis, who produced the album and also played guitar on some of the tracks. Mike “slo-mo” Brenner added pedal steel and Rosie McNamara-Jones played fiddle on some select tracks. One of the highlights of this recording is the uplifting “Glorious Night”, a song about discovery and new Beginnings. The haunting and direct “Narrow Path” also delivers a very strong message. A previously released single in 2016 that received airplay from both regional and national radio stations, “Blue”, is also [Read more…]

With A Blend Of American Rock Roots And Folk Influence, Canadian Artist Davie Simmons Seamlessly Creates Art That Appeals To A Wide Audience

SUMMARY: Known to some as the Canadian Celtic Cowboy, Davie Simmons churns out folk influenced rock. In doing so, he paints a vivid picture of what it was like to grow up in Canada during the swinging sixties. His latest album, “Soundtrack for Finding David” is an illustration of the variety of influences Simmons has used to craft a special niche in the heart of American music.

Much of the success of Davie Simmons can be attributed to his wide variety of artistic influences and having experienced the rock music scene in a number of different countries. Having been part of the music industry for more than 40 years, Simmons has the chops and the instrumental talent to cover a wide variety of sounds as well as write his unique brand of music that appeals to a wide variety of audiences.

While The Beatles were sweeping the world with their sweeping brand of pop music, there was a whole wealth of music developing [Read more…]

Seamlessly Blending EDM, Pop And Some Rock Elements, Jason Rylan Gains Traction As An Artist With The Rare Quality Of Mass Appeal

SUMMARY: Refusing to stay in one place, Jason Rylan runs the gamut of electronic music. From incorporating elements of EDM, House, Electronica and Pop, he has reached new mainstream appeal with his ever-evolving style. Building on past success and experience, his latest single “Strong” is an undeniably catchy track that blends all of his musical influences masterfully. Striving to make every single song of his different from one another, “Strong” is a true testament to an artist who is not afraid to experiment and push the envelope of electronic music while bearing his soul to listeners.

The focal point of the music of Jason Rylan has always been positivity. Since the release of his first album “Walk Away” in 2006 he has continued to find different ways to arrange electronic music elements and combine them with uplifting and intelligent lyrics. Believing that music should be created to uplift, he believes that there are healing elements to his tracks that translates to daily life. The single “Strong” will appear on his latest album, which follows his previous releases including “2012” and “The Charm”. [Read more…]

New York Rapper/Singer/Producer TrapaVore Drops Highly Anticipated Album “IMNTME” on G11

SUMMARY: Fusing rap with other creative styles of music and with his own unique delivery NY based, Jamaica-born songwriter, producer, and rapper TrapaVore is set to stun the music industry and fans alike with new album “IMNTME”.

Not afraid to step outside a preconceived stylistic box rising NY rap star TrapaVore recently announced the coming late Summer debut of his new album “IMNTIME”. Featuring his own vocals, songwriting, and production from RiserCodeXX the multifaceted artist originally from Jamaica, seems set to put the rap world on notice, with independent label G11 release. Influenced by some of the best-of-the-best like Bob Marley, Movado, Babyface, and Tupac, TrapaVore has his eyes firmly set on the top.

“Never give up on your dreams,” commented TrapaVore. [Read more…]

Kongos Shares New Song, Announces New Album And Docuseries

Kongos return with a haunting new song, “Real Life”, the bands first musical release since the 2016 album Egomaniac. The band also announced their upcoming 4th studio album 1929 to be released later this year, as well as a 10 episode docuseries about life on tour titled Bus Call.

With “Real Life”, the band takes a departure from their signature thundering drums, guitar riffs and anthemic vocals to deliver a broken down and beautifully melodic commentary on a desire for something more than the distractions of modern life. Dylan sings on the verse, “checking in, checking out and logging on, this is what I’m running on – this ain’t real life”. The mesmerizing lyric video [Read more…]

Hip Hop Recording Artist G-Supreme Delivers His New School Form Of Thought, And Pays Homage To The True Nature Of Rap

SUMMARY: In a world where there are so many opportunities for one’s music to gain exposure, it is essential that rappers make a statement. Long time rapper and producer G-Supreme stands out above the crowd due to his ability to combine the old and new rap and hip hop genres while also keeping the content fresh and modern. Released on February 24th, 2018 his latest album You Think That’s Lyrics You’re Spittin?’ shows that in order to be truly great, one should understand the history of the craft.

Ever since he was a teenager, rapper and producer G-Supreme has been a disciple of hip hop. Following the genre from its roots throughout the years, he has been able to cultivate a unique sound that masterfully blends old and new in order to create a modern sound that still captures the true roots of hip hop. as a youth was signed by KRS 1/B-Boy Recordsand has done songs with both Kool Kim (UMC’ees) and MC Shan (Juice Crew) He describes his music as music that comes from “now”, but keeps the intent of original hip hop; something that is difficult to do without a lifelong passion for hip hop. [Read more…]

Polish Born Michal Dzitko Records His Live Opera Performance For Upcoming Album Soundscapes Of Color, In Chicago

SUMMARY: Believing that music is much deeper than surface listening, pianist Michal Dzitko uses improvisation and transition to convey a message in his music. He uses the notes played and not played to create a complex musical landscape that takes listeners on a journey that revolves not only around the music, but its artistic interpretation as well. His latest project, “Soundscapes of Color” brilliantly blends sound, virtual reality and artistic performance to create a deeper and more immersive experience.

Born in Lublin, Poland, Michal Dzitko began playing piano at a young age, passionate and dedicated to creating and understanding complex sounds. The music of Dzitko has always been about developing a deeper view on what it means to write and perform music. It was the piano that spoke to him first, fostering what became not so much a life goal, but a purpose. He uses the piano as a tool to glimpse at what is beyond the surface, and connect with listeners. In doing so, he practically creates a tunnel between the conscious and unconscious, to create orchestral arrangements that areheartfelt, poignant and above all else, enjoyable. [Read more…]

Recording Artist Kingly T Delivers Lyrically Driven Soul, While Seamlessly Blending Reggae With Modern Pop Music

SUMMARY: Having traveled the world and carefully crafted his art, reggae artist Kingly T. incorporates a number of genres and uses positive lyrical content to connect with listeners around the world. Now a citizen of the United States, he has brought the reggae sound of Kingston, Jamaica to the mainstream American music landscape. Set to be released on May 25, 2018, his latest album “Got It All” truly lives up to its name.

The musical journey of Kingly T began in Jamaica where he served as lead guitarist for the group known as “Ninja Force”. Kingly T helped modernize the idea of soul and reggae melding with modern pop conventions. During the late 90’s, he spread his unique brand of music around the world and traveled through a number of different countries including Mexico, Japan and the United States.

In 2007 he released his debut album “Unity”, which achieved commercial success with its unique blend of reggae, soul and [Read more…]

Discover Music From Independent Bands & Artists On Promoter Box

SUMMARY: Finally there is an easy way to get free music, legally, with no credit card or registration required. In fact, music fans can download the sampler album featuring The Dream Logic, Soul Poet’s Syndicate, Stone Rain, Sarantos, and Andrew Archibald with just one click.

Promoter Box is a recent project by 3000 Records offering free music for promotional purposes. Each sampler album can be downloaded 100% free. There’s no registration or credit card information required. Promoter Box Vol. 25, is now available at http://25.sampleralbum.com

This new music promotion project was designed for people looking for some of thebest new music by independent bands and artists. This is a great way to download new music legally, since it is available for the purpose of promoting the bands and [Read more…]

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