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Singer-Songwriter Claudia Balla Offers A Fresh Sound In Global Pop Music On Hot New Album “Fire”!

SUMMARY: With a fresh mix of Rock, Modern Pop and American R&B, Claudia Balla gives listeners a taste of her own musical landscape with her new single “Fire”. With carefully crafted songs and a wide variety of mixed instrumentals, what her music does for listeners goes far beyond that of entertainment. Deep within her music are rich messages of love, understanding and what it means to be human.

Switzerland-based musician Claudia Balla began writing songs at the young age of 8 by simply observing the world around her. At age 8 she also began playing piano, an art that she has fine tuned over the years and perhaps the backbone of her enchanting version of Pop/Rock/R&B infusion. The album “Fire”, released in 2016 is the follow up to her debut titled “Enough”, released in 2013. She has developed her own sound in the pop music culture in Switzerland and surrounding European countries. [Read more…]

Described As A Musician With A Cause, Producer, Singer And Songwriter JildyT Dedicates New Album “Hurt’s To Love” To Victims Of Domestic Violence

SUMMARY: For JildyT, it is not enough to create insane dance beats to up tempo feel good music, but something that sends a positive message of hope and unity. Her latest album “Hurt’s To Love”, released on November 15th, 2017 is designed to raise awareness and raise money for the many women and children who have suffered from domestic abuse, with portions of the proceeds benefiting a number of charities dedicated to helping women and children of abuse.

JildyT has been singing since before she could talk. As a child she drew much of her inspiration (and likely her talent) from her father who she says “sang like Frank Sinatra”. When she was only 11, she began to study opera and compete in country music singing contests. Dedicating much of her life to her craft, she performed almost every night and practiced daily in order to create the angelic sounding voice that you hear today.

What makes her such an interesting Hollywood story is the way that she is dedicated not only to her craft, but to the idea of helping others in society. Throughout the past couple of years, she has filmed what seems like countless music videos consisting of both cover songs and original material in and around the Los Angeles area. And while she admits that it was a bit of a grind, she expresses being motivated by the charity aspect. She explains that there is “no ego” in what she does, and that at the end of the day the music industry does not foster a predictable lifestyle. [Read more…]

Solo Artist Liam Golder Breeds Inspiration Through His Exciting Rock Act Silent Machines

Liam Golder, who is the unique creator of the exciting rock act Silent Machines has been inspiring others through his music throughout his music career. Golders music covers many genres from Rock, to Alternative, to Electronic music.

Golder has been influenced by the likes of Coldplay, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, and Pink Floyd. He has enjoyed much success on radio and TV while promoting his music through his own company Song Heroes Music PR. While reaching out to the music masses, he also helps promote other musicians with aspirations to reach a wider audience globally. [Read more…]

Hollywood Recording Artist Johnny Reed Launches New Album “Fortress of One”, Takes Music Fans Where No Eye Can Follow

The 6th Album release from Johnny Reed called “Fortress of One” shows the musical inspiration of an artist who has taken a musical career journey few have embarked on. As a Pop Alternative Rock artist he is a creative anomaly that continues to go where no eye can follow with this new release.

The album has been compared to a Pink Floyd concept album. Reed’s music takes his listeners on a ride in and out of multiple genres, while orbiting around his own Rock sound. His inspirations were formed from listening to classics like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Queen, and Moody Blues. Reed uses this foundation to create something fresh and inspiring in the current music scene. [Read more…]

Infinite Starr Le Flair Scores Big With Contagious New Single “I’m Off”

Mississippi-based rapper/ singer/ songwriter Infinite Starr Le Flair (AKA Monroe Kush) has initiated a champagne campaign from Maine to Spain like she was running for the presidency with seductively scandalous Country Boy Music-released hit single “I’m Off.”

Since its unofficial release last April, the single has grown legs on its own and caught on like a raging wildfire. In a handful of months, it has been featured on the top six hip-hop mixtapes in the country, enjoyed more than half-a-million online streams, boasts over 100,000 physical downloads and is spinning in mixshow rotation on several select radio stations across the Mid-South. [Read more…]

Musicians Release Song In Response To The Protests By NFL Players Refusing To Stand For The National Anthem

SUMMARY: Written for the troops as a way to show their support, “The Freedom Flag” represents a certain stance on the debate between whether NFL players should stand for the National Anthem despite their protests against certain events in African American communities. A song that understands the complexity of the argument, it stands as a true form of support for the men and women who have and currently are serving the United States.

The Freedom Flag

Skye Brooks and Bert Campbell are a unique music duo consisting of a 16 year-old junior high student (Brooks) and a former music and English teacher and songwriter (Campbell). Together they have collaborated on the catchy country song “The Freedom Flag”, a response to the controversy surrounding a number of African American NFL players refusing to stand during the National Anthem. Honoring those who have fought and served the United States armed services, the new song is a true testament to patriotism. They are joined on the track by The Javelina Highway, a group that features Dale Caddell on lead guitar, Joey Cruz on drums, John Sarson on bass and Cathie King on violin. [Read more…]

R.G. Dempster And The Patriots Represent A New Movement In The Music Industry!

SUMMARY: Having opened for iconic bands including the Yardbirds, MC5, Bob Seger and Blues Magoos, R.G. Dempster has been playing studio guitar for more than 50 years. Today he heads a solo outfit that is dedicated to bringing the message of unity and patriotism to listeners of all ages with his new song “Stand Up!”. The song is currently being promoted heavily throughout the Detroit music scene, and beyond.

The oldest of 9 children, Robert George Dempster was raised in working class Detroit, Michigan where he learned the value of hard work and community. Now a small Michigan business owner, Dempster has continued to pursue his artistic passion, writing songs, singing, and playing the guitar, which he has cultivated for more than 50 years. Having to work hard for everything that he has achieved, his new track titled “Stand Up!” highlights the value of dedication and shares what it is like to earn your place in the world. The patriotic and upbeat vibe represents a side of music that is a bit rare during these tough social times and is a breath of fresh air for those looking for some positive vibes. [Read more…]

Blending Soft Rock And Acoustic, The Music Of Marc Dorian Has Been Carefully Crafted Over More Than Two Decades

SUMMARY: Singer, songwriter and keyboardist Marc Dorian has focused heavily on the “why” part of becoming a musician. A native of Nova Scotia, Canada, Dorian moved to Detroit in 2001 where he began to carve a niche for himself as a full time musician. A former member of a number of blues bands and the piano bar circuit, his sound blends a variety of genres and is backed by a strong musical desire. His latest single “Today and Always (I Do)” was released digitally on June 23, 2017.

The youngest of five children, Marc Dorian grew up in a tight-knit family in Nova Scotia. He began piano lessons at age 10, and since then has been crafting his own unique musical style influenced by everyone from pioneers of blues piano to such artists as Keith Urban, Billy Joel, Vince Gill and Elton John. He studied jazz piano at university and has used his knowledge of the history of music to guide his writing and artistic style. Throughout the entire process, he has focused heavily on the “why” of becoming a musician as well as the “how”; thinking deeply about what he can do as an individual to contribute something special to the industry; a fact that his highly reflective of his unique songwriting style. [Read more…]

Rap Duo Taizautie Has Crafted A Unique Brand Of Hip Hop On Their Debut Album, Called Secure the Bag

SUMMARY: Influenced by artists including Rae Sremmurd, Migos and Young Thug, Atlanta, GA rap duo Taizautie has crafted a unique sound around painful and real subject matter. Their debut album Secure the Bag was created with the help of the Boca Music Group, Michael Walcott ad Stefford Jackson, who were also the ones that encouraged Taizautie to pursue their music career.

Based on personal experiences, the music of rap duo Taizuatie provides a type of music designed to truly connect with listeners. Natives of Virginia, the group relocated to Atlanta where they hooked up with the Boca Music Group, whose founding members Michael Walcott and Stefford Jackson saw something special in the two. They encouraged Taizautie to pursue their career and release their highly anticipated debut album Secure the Bag. A 14-track masterpiece, the album deals with real issues including health problems such as asthma and sickle cell and in addition to complex cultural issues. [Read more…]

Having Performed With Some Of The World’s Most Well-Known Jazz Artists, George A. Johnson Is No Stranger To The World Of The Genre

SUMMARY: George A. Johnson is a third-generation jazz drummer who began playing at age five. Having established himself at age 12 in the Atlantic City music scene of the 60’s, he cemented himself as a talented jazz drummer studying under greats Elvin Jones (who helped him select his first drum kit) and Art Blakey. It was this conditioning at a young age that helped to formulate his worth ethic and dedication. New album, “A Valentine’s Wish” expands upon his discipline, with new artists and sounds.

The success of George A. Johnson can be attributed to studying his art and having the real-world experience necessary to excel at it. Earning a Doctorate of Arts, his craft has led him all over the world, touring with some of the biggest names in jazz including McCoy Tyner, Wynton Marsalis, Grover Washington Jr., and many more. He has appeared at a host of jazz festivals including the Mont Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Mellon Jazz Festival, and the Atlantic City Jazz Festival among many others. Continuously perfecting his craft and passing on his knowledge, he is a representative of Paste Cymbals and holds drumming workshops at various locations including the Heritage Jazz Festival and Berkley College. [Read more…]

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