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International Recording Artist Shiny Glide Brings Listeners Along On A Musical Journey

Originally from Italy, recording artist, poet, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shiny Glide aka Antony Venneri, has always had a deep connection with the world. He is not afraid to follow the path that his music provides for him. The stage name Shiny Glide, is a name which was inspired by watching albatross glide across a pristine ocean. He uses poetry and metaphors to share the world with his listeners through a lens that only he can provide. It is the natural beauty of these birds that he thought was the perfect description of what his music is meant to represent. Like the dreamy glide of the albatross, his music connects with the most sensitive listeners through diverse rock instrumentals and lyrics that represent a much deeper meaning.

Having traveled all over the world, Shiny Glide has had the pleasure of fine-tuning his art in major artistic epicenters including [Read more…]

Dempster from Detroit Releases His Single “Hero’s Work Here” As A Tribute To Public Service Workers During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Using modern recording styles to bolster classical rock instrumentation and somber vocals, R.G. Dempster a.k.a. Dempster from Detroit has created a unique brand of roots-based American music backed by a powerful positive message. A tribute to the everyday heroes of the world, his latest track “Hero’s Work Here” highlights the selfless deeds of municipal workers including police officers, firefighters, doctors, paramedics and others during what has been a global virus pandemic.

As a Musician from Michigan, Dempster has spent the last 20 years of his life crafting a true, heartfelt depiction of what it means to be an American. Using country influenced vocal stylings and classic blues rock instrumentation, he has highlighted the joys and hardships of the working Midwest, as well as giving listeners hope for [Read more…]

Maxthor Releases Their Nine Track Masterpiece Titled “Fiction” For Music Fans Worldwide!

Hailing from Spain, the music group Maxthor has always had a penchant for re-imagining the unique sound of 80’s American music. Inspired by iconic artists as Phil Collins, Billy Idol and Survivor, Maxthor is defined by their hazy wall of sound, echoing vocals and hypnotic instrumentation. Gracefully blending tense, sprawling arrangements infused with retro-disco song elements, Maxthor provides listeners with a brand of futuristic indie pop. The group strays from modern pop music conventions.

Consisting of vocalist and guitarist Luis Deltell, keyboardist Joaquin Deltell and drummer Pablo Mendez, Maxthor is able to generate quite a bit of noise and prowess given its small makeup. This is largely due to Deltell’s powerful vocals and the band’s ability to follow them seamlessly. Each song is well-thought and delivers a pulse [Read more…]

Rising From The Blues, Rock, And Roots Of New Mexico, JJ and The Mystics Release “Golden Shore”!

JJ started playing guitar at age 5 while growing up in central New Mexico. Passed down by his father, who also happened to be his greatest musical influence, he began learning the styles of blues, jazz and southern country rock hoping to inspire and uplift his listeners of all walks of life. In 2018, JJ came together with drummer Geno Jones and keyboardist and bassist Norman Toy alongside recent additions percussionist Devin Myers, bassist Jeff Garcia, flutist Bonnie Schmader, backup vocalist Abby Maxwell, and saxophonists John Gustafson and Chris Cushman to create the current incarnation of JJ and The Mystics.

Released on March 10, their latest album “Golden Shore” features 10 tracks designed to evoke joy and inspire listeners to laugh, cry and smile. An enjoyable extension of the success of their 2019 release “I Hold Your Hand”, JJ and The Mystics are [Read more…]

24Kay & Demar, Trending Tremendously On Spotify And Youtube

24Kay’s journey toward professional music started at age 9. He was inspired by his step-uncle, a professional musician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The more he listened to his step-uncle’s music, the more he felt drawn to music.

24Kay knew creating music was something he wanted to do and by sixth grade, he was writing his own rhymes. But coming up, he didn’t have much support and help with his music career. He found a way out of Lithonia, Georgia, where he grew up and where the majority of his life struggles originated. Once he got out of that area, things started to pick up. Eventually, he reconnected with his childhood friend, Demar, and they literally created their first song together on the [Read more…]

Artist Natasha Jane Julian Soothes The Soul & Shocks The System With Her Cover Of “Summertime Sadness!”

Breaking out of L.A. and building on the success of her ANGEL EP, artist Natasha Jane Julian is back early in 2020 with a brilliantly evocative & colorfully expressive variation of “Summertime Sadness” – the hit single by Lana Del Rey. Officially being released everywhere online at the end of February on the 28th, Natasha Jane pays tribute to one of her own idols with a breathtaking rendition of Del Rey’s iconic song that puts her own insightful creativity & emotionally stylistic sound right into the center of the spotlight.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless original, and confidently shifting the sound to suit her strengths, Julian blends a classic sensual beauty into the darkness of the down-tempo melody at the heart of her version of “Summertime Sadness.” With her signature style of haunting, ethereal, and atmospherically inclined vocals, [Read more…]

Rick Sobey Introduces His Brand New Single “It’s You”

As a talented artist with a passion for country and pop, Rick Sobey offers a strikingly beautiful country song with a pop twist. Hailing from Alberta, Canada, this charismatic singer and songwriter managed to combine stunning melodies with infectious hooks and earnest arrangements, in order to create a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound.

Rick’s recent release, “It’s You”, is a great example of his sonic vision, marking a really unique step forward for this artist, whose sound is becoming increasingly more personal and define, one release at a time. The song immediately captures the listen with some genuine romantic vibes, creating a very atmospheric and lush sound. In addition to Rick’s exciting voice and songwriting skills, the production is also balanced and clear, capturing the nuances of the performances, but also [Read more…]

Hitha’s Highly Anticipated Music Video “Got Me Liking You” Premiers with 44k Views

Following her massively successful hits, “Standing Up With Pride,” “Independent,” and “Special,” which garnered an astounding 350k+ views on Youtube, the phenomenal up and coming teen popstar, Hitha, shatters all expectations once again with the premiere of her highly anticipated single/music video “Got Me Liking You,” which is currently at #37 on the Top 40 Mediabase chart. The music video, which was released on January 12, has already gained over 44k views on Youtube, and over 2.1 million views combined on Instagram and Facebook.

“Got Me Liking You” is the rising star’s newest delightful romantic number about the unforgettable feeling of falling in love and it has the audience falling in [Read more…]

Champagne Rendezvous (Mksmth Remix) By Fuller French Is The Tropical House Remix You’ve Been Waiting For

As we greet the new decade, MKSMTH and Fuller French have teamed up once again to unveil a brand-new remix – Champagne Rendezvous (Mksmth Remix) which is shaping up to be the defining remix of the original track and an international sensation heard throughout the world.

MKSMTH, as usual, will shatter all expectations with the second remix and his innovative sound, infectious grooves and melodies while Fuller French continues to charm us with his enchanting vocals and relatable hot and heavy romantic lyrics. The song is perfect for any midseason saunter to the tropics or apres-ski festivity.

Fuller French channels smooth swagger and elegance in every hit song he writes and records at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, where he swoons audiences with every captivating note. Hailing from Oakland, California – producer, artist and legend Mksmth, is a creative [Read more…]

Legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer Spins Bree For Elvis/Bowie Birthday Broadcast

Legendary rock disc jockey Rodney Bingenheimer selected two BREE songs for his Elvis/Bowie Birthday Bash on Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show (SiriusXM and Dash Satellite).

Rodney’s January 5th broadcast featured BREE originals “Damn, I’m Being Me Again” and “18” from her 2019 ten-song album “New Skin” (Werewolf Tunes).

“Rodney is one of the greatest DJs in rock and was among the first to break bands, who had a huge impact on me like the Ramones and Cheap Trick,” said BREE, “and David Bowie, especially when he was with guitarist Mick Ronson, is one of my biggest musical influences.”

More BREE: It’s not often you come across [Read more…]

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