Recording Artist Billy Evans Releases Album “Colorful Groove”

Billy Evans’ remarkable career has been a profound journey, rendering a genre of musical sculpting compositions in a range of venues for over 35 years. Today, he unveils his highly anticipated project “Colorful Groove” that was recently released. The project encompasses both the instrumental and vocal talents of Billy Evans. The lyrics in “Come Over Here” reminds you of some of the great lyricists of the past such as Hal Davis, Cole Porter and Ted Koehler. Billy Evans’ “Colorful Groove” can be purchased at iTunes, TuneCore, Apple Music, and Amazon.

The “Colorful Groove” project follows the unstoppable success of the 2016 remix of his classic “Prisoner of My Weakness,” initially released in 1985. In 2012, the Prisoner of My Weakness project was still being chronicled as a “top rated seller” in the music industry throughout the UK and US. This pumping disco gem satisfied a host of dance floors, DJs and music discography agents and some of those music outlets included Subcity Radio, Discogs, Traxsource, JUNO, Sounds of the Universe, Earcave, Z Records, Jimmy The Twin-“Uptown, Downtown” for the Soul Boat.

His 2014 single “I Can Feel You Close” captured the hearts and minds of his audience and was indisputably the love ballad of the year. This electric groove adeptly exposed his musical genius, unique style and the magnificent lyrics soothed you into a trance.

Billy’s 2010 CD release and video, “Angel of Mercy” was a tribute to the people of Haiti and offered a charismatic tour of undeniably compelling snapshots of the Haiti calamity, sophisticated harmonies, and an unconventional commemorative to Michael Jackson.

Pianist, vocalist, writer, producer:
As an accomplished pianist, singer, songwriter and producer, audiences have found themselves enamored with Evans’ musical prowess. His melodic compositions are consistently bursting with life whether on stage in character in theatrical productions, entertaining millionaires and their guests at their private estates, such as CEO of Capital One; Rich Fairbanks, or performing a somber composition at the funeral of tennis legend Authur Ashe. In the early 1980’s, a Richmond Times Dispatch writer characterized Evan’s long fingers “like diamond tipped needles” as he played the “clear, crisp melodies recorded in his mind,” when he shared his musical magic and wisdom playing by ear, in “Ain’t Misbehaving” at the Haymarket Dinner Theater, in Richmond, VA. He also perfected the role of Jimmy Powers in the production of “Lady Day”, at the Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk, Virginia, where he collaborated with Ms. Chis Calloway; daughter of the famous Cab Calloway.

About Billy Evans:
Billy Evans was born and raised in Roselle, New Jersey, and is a well accomplished and trained professional singer, songwriter, producer, and pianist, and has been in the music industry for over 35 years. He currently resides in Richmond, VA., and works both as a music director and teacher.

Billy Evans is planning a tour in 2021 to promote his recent project “Colorful Groove.”

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