Singer-Songwriter Claudia Balla Offers A Fresh Sound In Global Pop Music On Hot New Album “Fire”!

SUMMARY: With a fresh mix of Rock, Modern Pop and American R&B, Claudia Balla gives listeners a taste of her own musical landscape with her new single “Fire”. With carefully crafted songs and a wide variety of mixed instrumentals, what her music does for listeners goes far beyond that of entertainment. Deep within her music are rich messages of love, understanding and what it means to be human.

Switzerland-based musician Claudia Balla began writing songs at the young age of 8 by simply observing the world around her. At age 8 she also began playing piano, an art that she has fine tuned over the years and perhaps the backbone of her enchanting version of Pop/Rock/R&B infusion. The album “Fire”, released in 2016 is the follow up to her debut titled “Enough”, released in 2013. She has developed her own sound in the pop music culture in Switzerland and surrounding European countries.

Perhaps what makes the music of Balla so enchanting is the fact that it is written and performed so seamlessly. The sweeping piano accompanied by the airy vocals creates somewhat of an ethereal landscape that one can simply get lost in. If you ask her, everyone has their own attributes that make them unique, but fans of her music might realize that there is much more to this artist than she may care to admit. Songs range in tone from cheerful to somber, each providing the listener with a message that they can reflect on and appreciate.

It is tough to ignore the presence that Balla shows an artist with a powerful voice, haunting instrumentals, with the sounds and work ethic that has helped her achieve much deserved exposure and airplay.

As she begins to branch out to a wider audience online, she is attracting attention from more listeners and music industry. “Claudia is an independent artist who knows what it means to truly utilize her gifts and talents, while working hard and smart to reach a global audience.”, said Terrance Schemansky from 3000 Records. With two singles already released, her album “Fire” is already sizzling hot.

Recorded at multiple locations in Hungary and Switzerland, “Fire” is a truly masterfully crafted album with all of the engineering you would expect from someone who has been developing their craft for more than 20 years. The singer songwriter now plays to support the release of her album with multiple tour dates around Europe with plans to expand her tour to other continents. For now, listeners can find her stunning sophomore album “Fire”
on iTunes (, and other online outlets such as CD Baby, Amazon, and more from around the world. You can also check out her new single “Tonight”, a brilliantly directed video on her YouTube channel (