Solo Rapper And R&B Singer Adam John Releases His Diverse Album “Dynamics”

SUMMARY: Released on September 10th, 2021, “Dynamics” is the next step in the career of Adam John. He’s an artist who has been on an upward trajectory since breaking into the limelight of the underground hip hop scene in 2001. Behind the bassy beats which almost sound trappy at times are John’s lyrics, which provide a unique tone and presentation that explores a variety of topics. All of this is going on while giving the listener an edgy, yet upbeat sound that perfectly integrates with partying, studying, romance, and whatever else might be happening

Having only been a part of the mainstream underground hip hop scene for a short time, Adam John has  given his music a personal touch of honesty while also not taking things too seriously. Shifting from powerful love ballads to hard hitting trap songs, John is never satisfied staying in one place, especially in his latest release “Dynamics”. True its name, the album ranges in tone from love ballads, to flat out party music seamlessly and without losing any of the lyrical impact.

Written unapologetically and ranging a wide spectrum of genres and emotions, “Dynamics” is one of those albums that is tough to pin down and even tougher to stop listening to. From the sensual R&B conventions of “Ways” to the raw emotion of the love song “Please Don’t Go” all the way down to the hard-hitting trap song “Obscene”, the album is one of those that strikes one’s fancy regardless of their current mood. Each song is finely crafted and tuned to illustrate the recording ability of John as well as his lyrical ability to create a cohesive album that is quite unlike anything you’ll hear in most hip hop artists.

Recorded in a professional studio in Altoona, PA using Pro Tools software, John explains that each track underwent a process. The lyrics for each song were recorded before being sent for mixdown by engineer Garrett Hunter of North Hollywood and then whisked away to Germany for final mastering by engineer Ben Pramuk. When listening to the album, it is easy to see how each member of the recording team provides their unique input and creative spin on the tracks. This seems to create music that highlights the strengths of each of the tracks, and is virtually devoid of technical missteps. Not surprising, it is this attention to detail that has given John a chance to compete in the indie hip hop game at a high level and something that is reflected on what is undoubtedly his strongest release to date.

Given his newfound catching of fire in hip hop popularity, John has been working with his team to create as many fresh tracks as possible and basically grind it out until the next phase. “Dynamics” is currently available on Apple Music as well as other online music vendors and the official Adam John website, where you can also find information on his previous 2020 releases. Listeners can also check out what to expect from some of the videos being recorded for tracks on the album by checking out the video for “The Smoke” on Adam John’s YouTube channel. And of course you can follow any studio and tour updates as well as get a glimpse at the creative process on the Adam John Instagram page.