The Phil Mitchell Band Features Classical, Post Rock, R&B And A Slew Of Other Genres On “Chicago Holiday”

SUMMARY: “Chicago Holiday” is the latest release from music collective Phil Mitchell Band. The album showcases a number of talented vocalists from around the world including Elena Ravelli, Ursula Gerstbach and Patrick McGuire, Tamara Pereir and Natasha Shayenne . Each artist ads their unique style to create an eclectic release sure to inspire and entertain. Featuring guitarist Alvaro Soto on lead guitar and Brian Gosker on drums, the rock foundation behind the haunting vocals provides a backdrop for a variety of lyrical content ranging from tragic to jubilant.

Released on October 26th, 2021, “Chicago Holiday”, is the 5th studio album of Chicago/Europe based music collective Phil Mitchell Band. Showcasing a variety of talented musicians as well as a range of vocalists, what the album provides is an emotional listening experience. Led by the sweeping guitar of Alvaro Soto and the steady rock drums of Brian Gosker, the Chicago blues foundation of Phil Mitchell Band provides a lot of room for each different vocalist to experiment and test the limits of their creativity. The songwriting covers numerous topics and blends conventions of R&B, rock, classical and virtually any other genre you can think of into one lush musical landscape.

Listeners can enjoy the solid songwriting and vocal performances from artists including Elena Ravelli, (“Windy City Nights”), Ursula Gerstbach and Patrick McGuire (“Chicago Holiday”) and performances from Natasha Shayenne (“Like a River”) and Tamara Pereir (“Rescue Me Blues”). There’s no shortage of musical chops on “Chicago Holiday”. Ranging in content and tone, each track provides its own unique way of evoking emotions and instilling a sense of peace within the listener. Ranging from the cheery holiday feel of the title track to the slightly harder hitting “Across the Danube”, an emotional look at the Ukrainian civil war and the difference between being on one side of the river instead of the other, there’s a lot that “Chicago Holiday” has to offer. And no matter where the subject matter leads, there is always an infectious Chicago brass feel to the music that lifts the spirit.

Mastered at a home studio, “Chicago Holiday” is a great expansion on the Phil Mitchell Band existing catalog. This includes releases such as their 2020 release “A Better World”, home to their track “Never Let It Die”, and is a beautiful evolution in the bands artistic process. Unafraid to challenge musical conventions as well as breach harsh topics, there is always a sense of hope throughout the album, culminating in the beautiful string arrangement of “God Bless This Child”, one of a few songs that coincide with the holiday season. Be sure to check out “Chicago Holiday” on popular music outlets including the Phil Mitchell Band on Spotify and SoundCloud, where all of their older music can be found too.