Through Self Expression, Aliché Provides Listeners With Complex Songs Layered With Meaning

SUMMARY: A relatively new face in the experimental R&B scene, Aliché has always used music as a way to express herself and derive a deeper meaning from life. Her debut album “Exx” will be released on May 31st and is a collection of visceral love songs inspired by many R&B greats. The album will feature her infectious dance single “Cleopatra”.

Growing up listening to a wide berth of musical genres, singer/songwriter Aliché fell in love with the R&B genre at a young age. As a practically born writer, she learned to sing as a child while listening to the greats, and recorded many of her thoughts in a personal journal. It was this combination of intimate thought collection and musical education that led her to consider a music career. Eager to learn more about the music business, Aliché received an education in music production and learned how to record her own music.

Even though Aliché had all of the knowledge and tools needed to begin a music career, it was not until 2015 that she began seriously considering it. Bravely overcoming self-doubt and scrutiny from others concerning her appearance and vocal quality, Aliché decided to step out of the shadows and release her own unique brand of introspective, yet insanely catchy R&B/dance fusion. The end result is music that is a true expression of Aliché. Topics including love, pleasure, pain, loss and redemption can all be found on her stunning debut album “Exx”.

A raw and unapologetic view on modern love and self-realization, “Exx” features beautifully layered dance melodies that allow Aliché’s powerful vocals to really shine. Created in a home studio with the help of talented producer Juan Donovan, “Exx” is an entrancing and haunting album that brilliantly conveys her emotions. Every track comes from a place within the Artist and is sung with an almost tender bravado. The end result is an album that is as complex as it is catchy, as deep as it is whimsical.

Listeners can hear the first single titled “Cleopatra” on select radio stations and browse her other singles on any streaming platform. They can also look forward to the upcoming music video. Until then, check out the release of “Exx”, an album that promises to push the boundaries of R&B, perhaps creating an entirely new segmented genre in the process. For more information on Aliché’s powerful and hypnotic brand of music and updates on her debut album, follow her on Instagram @Alichemusic.