Wellerman Sea Shanty Launches On Apple And Spotify

SUMMARY: The social media phenomenon is now available for streaming.

The Wellerman, a song that’s gone viral on social media in recent weeks, is now available on most streaming platforms. The release was recorded by the multi-national vocalists made famous on TikTok, who now call themselves “The Wellermen”- Sam Pope, 30, Kent, England; Jonny Stewart, 29, London, England; Bobby “Bass” Waters, 22, Walpole, MA; Luke Taylor, 19, Thornton, PA and Aaron Sloan, 23, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

When asked about the song and how the video has changed his life, Jonny Stewart stated, “I don’t think anyone could have predicted sea shanties being so popular – seeing the video being featured on major media outlets, including the Late Show with Steven Colbert, and Adam Neely’s YouTube series was awesome. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, which is rare for social media these days. It seems like sea shanties are striking a chord at the moment, and I’m happy to have played a very small part in that.”

The Guardian explains, “a ‘Wellerman’ was an employee of the Sydney-based Weller Brothers’ shipping company, which from 1833 was the major supplier of provisions – such as the “sugar and tea and rum” of the shanty’s refrain – to whaling stations on New Zealand shores.

The whalers’ wistful eye on a future date “when the tonguin’ is done/We’ll take our leave and go” refers to the practice of stripping blubber from beached whales. Wellerman’s six verses tell the epic tale of a ship, the Billy of Tea, and its crew’s battle – “for 40 days, or even more” – to land a defiant whale. With the struggle ongoing at the shanty’s end, “the Wellerman makes his regular call, to encourage the Captain, crew and all”.”

“It was pure coincidence that each of us had professional sound recording equipment and as a result we were able to create the final version in just a few days,” said Bobby Waters, “This along with label TenWest reaching out to Jonny, who mixed the entire project, to represent us, helped tremendously in getting this release to market quickly to meet the rising global demand,” he commented further.

A percentage of every download of the Wellerman, by the Wellermen will go to the non-profit Marine Conservation Society in support of sustainable fishing practice aimed at saving the whales and other sea creatures in peril today.

The hit Wellerman is now available for download at www.thewellermen.com.

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