With An Eclectic Blend Of Genres, Jerome Taylor’s Latest Album Titled “Space Is The Place” Is Ready To Blast Off!

SUMMARY: Rather than emulating trends in the mainstream music industry, Jerome Taylor has always tried to capture a feeling when crafting his music. Each song represents a feeling rather than a genre, which allows Taylor to experiment with a variety of genres and create a sound that is truly unique. His talents are brilliantly reflected in his latest release “Space is the Place”, a collection of trippy and modern songs that truly transcend genres.

Jerome Taylor’s music has always been about blurring the genre lines and capturing a mood instead of a particular sound. He has expressed the tendency to develop a melody before constructing additional components of his songs, which allows him to experiment heavily and incorporate more variety into his music. The end result is sort of an electronic R&B that uses unique beats, audio samples and complex melodies to create music that is truly immersive.

The honesty of Taylor’s music comes through beautifully through each track on Space is the Place, a truly remarkable example of an artist that is not afraid to be himself and craft meaningful songs. Featuring a number of different arrangements including string, electronic, and traditional blues, “Space is the Place” is a full showcase of what has made Taylor stand out among his peers and someone who will undoubtedly redefine what  might be considered New Wave music.

Recorded in a home music studio, the album’s finish is polished, yet raw with plenty of sound experimentation enhancing the listening experience. And even though the album features a lot of computer tuning, the end result still sounds extremely polished, organic and sonically rich. Already gaining a great deal of buzz online, “Space is the Place” promises to be a unique listening experience perfect for those looking for something a bit different. Even though a lot of the modern music conventions are there, listeners can expect music arranged in such a way that they have never heard.

In a music industry that tends to stick to a number of similar conventions, artists like Jerome Taylor are more than able to break through the noise with their own unique artistic personalities. One listen and it is made clear that this is someone who knows exactly how to create a palatable song, and knows the importance of staying true to oneself. Listeners can listen to some of the lush arrangements found on “Space is the Place” on YouTube and other streaming sites, or they can pre-order the album on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/space-is-the-place/1452086994). Listeners can also learn more by checking out the Jerome Taylor promotional video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mHxbXCccIg